Last year SpaceX launched a record number of rockets. Our government was their biggest customer, other than themselves. Their own “net’” of small satellites, Starlink, when completed, will provide high bandwidth to most any spot-on earth. Part of the reason SpaceX did not push more Starlink launches has to do with diminished supply, another reason is that the v.1.5 mini satellite, is now become obsolete, the v. 2.0 is bigger, better, and faster. Is this deja vu all over again? Has the mega-tech company purchased last years’ model at a great price only to find the newest version released two months after your bill was paid, has made last years’ model obsolete? Now if the extended warranty policies covered obsolescence beyond the one-year coverage for faulty equipment, that would be the ticket. 2022 will see as many as sixty launches, roughly three per month. The workhorse Falcon 9 will again lead the schedule this year.

Reference - the official in-house newspaper:

In other shocking space news, some space pundits are predicting space colonists will likely have to resort to cannibalism if something goes wrong. That article appeared in the same news feed that said McDonalds does NOT use people meat in their food. Maybe a drive-up window in space might be the answer. The voice in the speaker says, “OK so that is thirty Big Mac’s, sixty space fries and three deep-fried guys named Bob.”

On the outdoor sportsman front, reports of Pismo clams being washed up on beaches by the thousands are confirmed by Cal Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) researchers. The report says in the past clams being unburied by waves were rare, however last year the numbers are likely the result of too many clams. After decades of decline in the clam population, the issue is that there are now way more Pismo clams, “...the younger, smaller, juvenile Pismo may not be digging deep enough to prevent them becoming washed in by wave action” Those who pick up Pismo clams, before the seagulls get to them, will be cited by game wardens because they are undersized.

Ref. CDFW’s web page: invertebrates of interest.

One guy wrote in: “Is it illegal to intentionally feed big game?” Perhaps he missed that question on his hunters training exam. The CDFW responds, “Yes, it is prohibited in CCR Title 14, section 251.3 to knowingly feed big game animals.” What exactly are ‘big game’ animals? They cite under the same code reference, “Deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, wild pig (feral pigs, European wild pigs and their hybrids) black bear and Nelson bighorn sheep.” This seems to fly in the face of recent articles that set off alarms that the feral pig population is destroying the native flora. Perhaps the two should get together, see Pismo clam story, and come up with a better regulation. Stab, kick, shoot and strangle the feral pig population using any means possible. In many southern states, a barrel of corn suspended from a tree, a bump can, is valid. 

Images of sportsman-caught crabs and smiling fishers are being posted daily. Rock fishing has diminished in overall take for the first time in many years so crab-only trips are about it.

Plan on going to the Sportsmen’s Expo in Sacramento January 20 – 23. Free seminars, 100’s of exhibitors, all at the Cal Expo. There is a nice discount coupon, “4Expo” on their web site.

Bill Hanson is a Sonoma County native and a lifelong sportsman. He is the former president of the Sonoma County Mycological Association. Look for his column in The Community Voice each week.

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