Sportsmens Report
July 7, 2020

Sportsman’s report Interviews with fishermen and fisher-baby

  • Proud dad Jason Stewart watches while little Zeke explains cat fishing. Photo by Bill Hanson

Summer is here, the primary indicator, watermelon, bright, sweet and beautiful in markets. Beach accessories tempt us in every store, at least the stores that will let us spend our money in their establishment. One annoying aspect under the WuHan restrictions is that the guy or girl that had been a box handler, assistant janitor or bagger and now is in charge of compliance with their stores’ interpretation of the restriction rules. One local market had only a mask requirement up until two weeks ago, before the latest surge in confirmed cases. Then seemingly out of nowhere, you had to wear a mask and wait in line, staying six feet apart (AKA social distancing-that which we did on our own when a person with a severe soap-use policy stank his way down the aisle. P.U.) People, read potential customers, turned tail and drove to the nearest competitor market with a more reasonable policy. Perhaps the olive store should send some of their baggers out in public to the monitor the great unwashed, those of us who have learned a lot about keeping ones self from contracting the WuHan virus.


The Sportsmen’s report Fishing charter boats and a deer hunting site

Deer season is nearly upon us, by now you have at least an idea where you will be hunting and hopefully you know where your stand will be on opening day. The hunting site most used by hunters in our zone is on Facebook: CALIFORNIA- A B C D X ZONE HUNTING. Hunters contribute their stories and share pictures of their success, much too gruesome for sharing here. Hunters can post tips and tricks on hunting and ways to be a big game hunter.

Sportsman’s Report 2020 Dust Off known as magnesium chloride

So the lane home is unpaved, in the old days dirt roads were oiled to keep the summer dust down. The oil just disappeared and was re-oiled next summer. No one thought about it or where last years oil had gotten to. Enter magnesium chloride, sold under the trade name of Dust Off, one of many trade names with numerous variations in the basic mineral compound.