Sportsmens Report
October 20, 2021

Sportsman’s Report The great frost, gem show, fall turkeys and salmon

Hot weather in October is not unusual for our patch of California, although the triple digit days are likely behind us. Let us not forget the winter of The Great Frost,1708-1709, judged to be the coldest winter in 500 years. Trees exploded as their sap froze, people ice skated on the English Channel. Food stocks dwindled and crops failed in ‘09, widespread famine resulted, and many thousands starved. The conditions spurred many commoners to emigrate to America; English, French and Germans topped the list, by 1720 nearly 30 percent of Americans spoke some dialect of German. Burr, where is that extra blanket? 


Sportsman’s report R3 classes, how old is that fish, fire restriction information

Hundreds of miles of coastline and rivers in California provide ample opportunities to fish for Chinook salmon throughout the state. Check out the latest ‘Species Watch’ blog for angling tips and locations. Visit @ Here you will learn about the fish and its habits, “All the better to catch you my dear.”

Sportsman’s report Tuna, new crabs and old news

New regulations for sport crab fishers include the following new requirements when fishing with crab traps, these new rules apply when the crab season opens November first.