Sportsmens Report
September 23, 2020

Sportsman’s Report Presidio newly renovated

It can be a real challenge to find a place to visit that is not a four-hour drive. The Presidio has what you need, newly renovated accommodations in one of two sites: Inn at the Presidio was built for bachelor officers. The rooms are spacious and reasonably priced, for San Francisco that is. A search of their reservations site for one person, prices run from $320 - $380. The other facility is the stately Lodge at the Presidio, the same rate search returned as $320 - $485. Some of the rooms have an amazing view of the bridge as well as bay view rooms. The Presidio remains a largely undiscovered jewel in the heart of the world class city. One feature of the Presidio is the open air and wide spaces and trees everywhere. You skip the madness of downtown parking, the beggars, hustlers and appalling trash are nowhere to be seen. There is an outstanding free shuttle service, including a line that takes you to the streets of the city. To check out the facilities visit their website: and for information on the entire park visit:  to get started. There are so many activities at the Presidio you may forget all about going downtown. The views of the Golden Gate and the bay are unequaled.


Sportsman’s report Cool dinner and smoked fish

Once over the deli, lightly: waltz through the deli and do a two-step in produce. Pick some excellent sliced meats and cheeses from the deli, grab some fresh bread as you pass the bakery, sniff over the cream pies in the cold display and stop in the dairy for a selection of puddings to consider. Pick up some seasonal fruit, grapes and melons are at the peak of their season, as are some stone fruit. A quick wash at home for the fruit, lay out the offering in the middle of the table with condiments, a loaf of sourdough and butter and you have a home picnic without the parking fees or the sand.

Sportsman’s Report Fishing and hunting updates with places to visit

Deer season in our local “A” zone has only a few weekends left; the zone closes Sept. 20, at the same time the “B” zone opens. Zone-B is roughly the Mendocino County line extended east to I-5 up to the Oregon border and west to the ocean. Zone-B is divided into six sub zones. To check a detailed map, with lots of detail, it downloads very slowly:—hunts. You can also just go to the CDFW web site and click through. The map is zoomable and has some excellent overview data for this season.