Sportsmens Report
August 3, 2021

Sportsman’s report A snoot full of summer

Summer is the shining light of all things green, breathtaking flowers are in full bloom, some roses exude a perfume that seem to seek out the nose. Take an extra step off your path to touch the stunning beauty of a rose in full bloom, the delicate petals are smooth and gorgeous on their own, the thorns warn your fingers to mind their own business. Red roses seem to be more about color and less about scent. Conversely, light-colored roses can nearly overwhelm the senses with their sweetness, no wonder roses are used as the base for many perfumes.


Sportsman’s report Reserve America update, Presidio, Sturgeons Mill, reader photos

The camping reservation site, “” has some great ideas in their latest posting: Top RV road trips, camping activities for kids, Ten tips for campfire safety, are some of the sections, as well as camping options in a given destination. Searching for ‘destination’ by location on your search engine can be a great resource for planning but the usual rules apply, lots of ‘paid’ adverts and steering sites hog the first page of your search.

Sportsman’s report Sport salmon fishing

Fishing sites are agog over the big hogs they are hauling in during sport salmon season. Many commercial boats post pictures of their smiling customers with their two-fish daily limit. Private ocean-going boats often keep their photos to themselves as well as to the who, how, where, and when as any experienced fisher knows, if you post it, they will come.