Real Estate
August 3, 2021

Why most financials get mortgages wrong

There’s so much financial misinformation online it’s inundating. Here are some things the experts say as it relates to housing and mortgages for you to consider when trying to get financially ahead.



Borrowing a down payment to buy a home

One of the best things you can do to proactively position you and your family to buy a home is to borrow money from your 401K, after all, it’s your money. If you’re thinking about pulling money from retirement to buy a home here’s what you need to know and the two types of accounts you should specifically stay away from at all costs.

Looking to buy a house this summer? You’ll need a down payment

As interest rates still remain low many people who have been on the sidelines about buying a house are now coming out of the woodwork. Maybe they’re buying a first home or a move-up home but there is strong demand for housing across the nation in every city and county throughout the United States. As a result, this is not the market for creativity. Here is what you need to know…