Real Estate
October 19, 2021

Student loan may cost you a house

For anyone who has ever borrowed money, one of the things that will follow you till the end is a student loan. Repayment terms on a student loan specifically state that loan will get paid in full. You can’t short the debt, you can’t bankruptcy the debt, and it will follow you until the loan is paid off in full. They are extremely intense in their collection practices. If you have a student loan and you’re trying to get qualified to buy a home here are some things you must understand. 


How to increase your investment rate of return using mortgage financing

If you’re looking to get a good return on your money, and you’re looking at bank accounts, you might want to consider paying down your mortgage balance. Before you do, here are some things you should consider…

How to get a mortgage if your 2020 tax return was low

As we are entering into pandemic manageability, one of the things lenders are still looking for as it pertains to self-employment borrowers is positive income from your tax return.