December 2, 2020

Write it Down Timeline of your life

I worked with the Progoff “At a Journal Workshop Writing to Access the Power of the Unconscious and Evoke Creative Ability,” (TarcherPerigee, 1992) for several years. It is devoted to helping the journal writers become deeply aware of who they are and finding wholeness through guided writing in a journal.  Many psychologists use this program to help clients between office visits. Many have found that while working with clients if the clients wrote a guided weekly journal between their office visits, the clients difficult issues improved more rapidly. 


To Ponder

2. My entire life can be summed up on one sentence…Well, that didn’t go as I planned.

Sweeping up solutions

8. Did you know many headaches are caused by dehydration? Before you reach for the pain reliever, try drinking two or three glasses of water or an energy drink.