March 8, 2021

History-May 2002 Summer camp classes

Registration is now open for the Summer Central youth camp program held at the Sonoma State University.



History 2002 RP police now carrying high tech ‘stun guns’

The Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety will be deploying a new less lethal option for its officers to utilize, when confronting combative or resistive subjects. The tool is called the M26 Advanced Taser, manufactured by Taser International, Inc. All patrol personnel will be issued this new device.

History 2002 ‘Fletch’ retires

Head coach Robert ‘Fletch’ Fletcher of Piranha Swimming came into his office at the Sonoma State U pool, swept a baby pacifier off his desk and dropped it in his pocket. “Gotta bring this home. It is the main reason why I am retiring.” The pacifier belongs to two-year-old Teresa Swan Fletcher.