May 6, 2021

History- August 1992 Cotati prepares for 30th birthday

Residents are encouraged to attend a brainstorming session this Monday as the City of Cotati begins planning the celebration of their 30th anniversary.



History- August 2001 Rift bared between RPPSOA and DPS director

It is not your classic labor vs. management disagreement. But uniformed members of the Rohnert Park Public Safety Officers Association (RPPSOA) took exception to a June 21 report filed by Director of Public Safety Jeff Miller to City Manager Noe Netter. On July 17, Officer Vince Amato hand-delivered a RPPSOA rebuttal to Miller’s report down to city hall and Mayor Jake Mackenzie.

History- May 2002 RP leaders to be recognized

The Youth Leadership of Rohnert Park, a Sonoma County Adult & Youth Development (SCAYD) program, will celebrate youth leaders with a recognition ceremony Wednesday, May 29, from 4-6 p.m. at the Rohnert Park Community Outreach and Technology Center, 120 Avram Ave.