November 25, 2020

History-March 2002 Gaskill arrest creates mixed emotions on Rancho campus

Students who showed up early at the Ranch on Thursday March 14, were met by members of the media who were not allowed on school grounds. They were trying to gauge student reaction to the news that RCHS history teacher Brant Gaskill had been arrested on charges of alleged inappropriate conduct with a female student who has graduated from Rancho. I, being able to hear and see student and teacher reaction to the news better than TV crews who were there. About five minutes before school started, Principal Mitchell Carter called all teachers into the library for an announcement. Students already in the library were told to leave and then Carter told the teachers Gaskill had been arrested and they were advised not to speak to the media. For a change, most of the students had to wait for their teachers to open up the classrooms.


History part VI A Slice of Sebastopol History-John Milton Barnes

John Milton Barnes was the third son of Aaron Henry Barnes and Lydia Harlan.  He was born on August 19, 1843 and was the last of Aaron and Lydia’s children to be born in Mercer County, Pennsylvania.  His brother Jonathan died at age two in 1841, but brother Henry S. was born in 1841 and offered companionship.

History-December 2001 RP chocolate shop’s volunteer angels

It started out as a plan to help out Mary Davis at Heart’s Desire Chocolate in the DoubleTree shopping plaza on Golf Course at DoubleTree Drive. Volunteers from Women in Business chapter of the Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce organized crews to help staff the store while Davis recovered from her throat operation.