Kids & Pets
March 3, 2021

Animal cruelty on the rise?

With recent charges against three people in Santa Rosa for firing a paintball at a dog tied in the back of a pick-up truck, news media has again focused on cruelty to animals in the USA.  There have been recent cases in Michigan, Georgia, Hawaii and Texas ranging from cock-fighting to choking a puppy in a domestic violence case.



Giving away puppies

We recently had two puppies brought in that were found abandoned behind the Target in Rohnert Park.  It is so sad that someone thought that was a better option than bringing them to the shelter, although we’ll never know if it was actually a conscious choice.  When we posted them on Facebook and Nextdoor as new strays, what came to light through the comments is that many people had seen a gentleman trying to give-away look-alike puppies in the Target parking lot throughout the day and they didn’t know what to do.  Do you?

Love is in the air

Did you remember that this Sunday is Valentine’s Day, or as some have renamed it “Single’s Awareness Day?”  Hard to ignore all the ads for chocolates, wine, and jewelry that are everywhere.  But clearly love is in the air, at least if you are in tune to cats that is.  Actually, cats started coming into heat in January so they are well into their mating season by now.  Has the kitten you got last summer been acting a little crazier than usual?  Notice anything different about the stray cat you’ve been feeding the last few weeks (or months)?