Kids & Pets
May 6, 2021

Distemper – it’s still around!

I remember hearing a news report not so very long ago about children in the US coming down with whooping cough and thinking “didn’t we get rid of that last century?”  Appears that with more people not vaccinating their children the virus is beginning to make a comeback.  I thought the same about canine distemper; that we had eradicated it from our pet population long ago since it’s the basic vaccine that is recommended for all puppies and dogs.  


Bunfest was awesome

If you missed this year’s Bunfest event – held virtually last week, don’t despair.  The speakers, who were amazing and very informative, were all recorded and the link is available free on the Bunfest website ( Why are we providing the link for free?  We feel that the information, especially about the emerging Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV2), is so important to get out there that we wouldn’t want anyone to be unable to access it because of the cost.  In fact, we are encouraging everyone to share the hour-long talk and help get the information out to all bunny owners.

Summer fun for kids

We were so sad last year when we had to cancel our Kidz ‘n’ Critters Summer Camp program because of COVID.  I know some organizations tried to do modified camps or held them online but we couldn’t change our plans in enough time.  We’re giving it a try this year though in a modified way!