Kids & Pets
December 2, 2020

Pets are thankful too!

With our world rocked by a pandemic and many people staying home and having a smaller Thanksgiving holiday than usual, our pets are taking on a more prominent role in our lives.  In spite of everything, there is much to be thankful for.  Most of our pets have it pretty good – in fact many are getting downright spoiled by having everyone home with them all day!  If you share your life with some furry, feathered or scaly critters, I would like to speak for them this Thanksgiving.  In an ideal world every pet would, if they could speak, be able to thank his/her humans for these ten things.


Lost a pet? What do you do?

Last weekend one of the staff here lost her little dog, Smokey.  While she was at work he somehow slipped away.  When you are in panic mode it’s easy to forget everything you know about looking for a lost pet.  It helps to outline a plan, especially if you have a partner or friends helping you so you don’t duplicate efforts and waste time.  It also helps to know a bit about how dogs and cats react when they become lost – they act quite differently.

Why do cats purr?

As I’m sitting on my couch racking my brain for an idea for this week’s column, my oldest cat, 15-year-old Pashmina, settles herself on my lap and begins purring loudly.  No way to concentrate when she gets the purr machine going!  But rather than be annoyed, I indulge her in some petting therapy and it works both ways.  I’m no longer worried about finding a topic and she’s not worried…about anything! In fact, as I stroke her soft fur (hence the name) the purr actually gets louder.  The loudest purr recorded supposedly belongs to a British cat named Smokey whose purr was measured to be as loud as a lawnmower!