Kids & Pets
October 19, 2021

Choosing a breed of dog

Thinking of getting a new dog?  How do you decide what breed to look for?  If you walk into a shelter without a type in mind you will fall in love with every cute face so it’s important to do your homework before you start your search.  Remember too that descriptions that you read online assume that the dog is a well-bred example of their particular breed.  Most of what you find, unless you are purchasing from a top breeder, are not!  They are either back-yard bred, from a puppy-mill, an accidental litter (likely mixed-breed, even if they look predominantly like a particular type) and so on.  Even within a single litter there will be differences – the oldest, the shyest, etc.


Monte Vista Elementary School Student builder awards

Lacey Nedderman, Asami White, Victoria Flores, Jayden Herrera, Alexia Pureco Maldonado, Alani Padilla, Ryker Hoburg, Riley Doeland, Hannah Angeli, Makayla Parker, Ryan Hock, Ashleigh Nixon, JoJo Zarate-Lindzy, Tony El Far, Kara Allsup, Isabelle Angeli, Noah Padilla, Olivia Nieves, Sebastian O’Malley, Colton Stewart, Autumn Young, Payton Smith, Harper Allingham, Santi Soriano Carreno, Brayden White, Ximena Ruiz, Nathaniel Samuelson, Vi Troung, Tido Khiobouakham and Daniel Uribe

Photo courtesy of Monte Vista School

Losing an elderly pet

Recently there was a story in the paper about a lawsuit being brought against another shelter for euthanizing an elderly cat mere hours after finding her.  I know nothing more about the specifics of this case than what we all read in the article so this is not a direct commentary on this case, but rather the general situation and how frequently this scenario occurs in shelters.