Kids & Pets
July 6, 2020

Animal themed masks available

Have you been shopping on the internet lately?  What are you buying?  Besides toilet paper and hand sanitizers – which are both back in stock in most stores now, what is important to buy right now?  I figured out what the must-have accessory of the season is and I’ve been shopping and buying several of them recently.  Know what I’m talking about?  The one thing (besides the American Express card) that you can’t leave home without?  The one thing that will fit even if you’ve gained the COVID 15 pounds? A face mask!


Low-key Fourth of July celebration

It will be interesting to see how the 4th of July is celebrated this year.  With Covid-19 and the prohibitions against large gatherings, I’m guessing it will be much more low-key.  There is good and bad to that for both us (people), our pets and animals in general.  Considering this is one of the scariest days of the year for animals and the busiest day of the year typically for animal shelters, we can only hope that the smaller-scale celebrations will keep more pets safely at home.


Common pet hazards

This is a topic that I usually do around Christmas since we introduce so many strange and dangerous things into our homes to make them “festive.”  But the truth is there are lots of everyday hazards that we tend to be lax about until the worst happens.  Here’s a reminder about a few to raise awareness and, hopefully, save a few lives.