Kids & Pets
September 21, 2020

Aids for elderly pets

Growing old is no fun, or so my mom used to tell me.  Aches, pain, lack of mobility, arthritis and other health issues abound the older we get.  The same is true for our pets!  As we’ve improved the quality of food and veterinary care, our pets are living longer and suffering from the same health-related issues that we do.  Fortunately for them, if you are a caring and attentive parent you will notice their discomfort and offer assistance.  


Piranha puppies do damage

Have you adopted a puppy or young dog recently?   Is he at the stage of teething where everything is a chew toy?  Including you?  And don’t puppies have the sharpest teeth ever!?  They are like two rows of needles!  It hurts when they bite even though they are not being aggressive at all.  We just had a 3-month-old puppy surrendered because the family that had bought him from an ad on Craigslist were not prepared for all the damage a young pup can do – in the blink of an eye!

Crating your cat

Recently a friend called me quite agitated and upset.  Her cat was sick but she missed the appointment at the vet’s because she couldn’t get the cat into the carrier.  She tried several times and had to call it quits when she got badly scratched by the frantic animal.  Concerned for his health, she called me to ask if I would come over when she had another appointment set and help her box up the cat.  Of course I said I would help, but more importantly, I wanted to show her some tricks and tips for getting a cat into a carrier since one never knows when an emergency will happen and it could be a matter of life or death to be able to crate your pet.