July 7, 2020

Five ways to make the most of time together while social distancing

 The 4th of July is commonly spent with family & friends as an opportunity to express gratitude for all the amazing liberties we hold so dear in the United States of America. This year, July 4th 2020 will look and feel a bit different as we’re forced to create social distance between the ones we love, many older adults are feeling more isolated than ever.


Only floss the teeth you want to keep

Flossing is important for gum and tooth health because it removes food debris and plaque from the gum pockets between the teeth.  It is also falls right behind duct tape for temporary repairs, a very universal product.   Just yesterday in the office, I used floss to tie a computer connection that kept disconnecting.

We’re more resilient than we think

When the coronavirus arrived, it became the focus of the world. 

It narrowed our attention, it magnified its threat, it increased our anxiety and it amplified our vulnerability.

However, on the other side of our vulnerability is the truth of our deep resilience.