September 26, 2020

Putting dementia on the agenda

At Home Instead, we see older adults affected by dementia every day. Knowing how to care for people living with dementia and providing support for their families is in our DNA. In fact, we even created a memory-care training program for our caregivers. It’s all about caring for individuals with the dignity and respect they deserve, honoring who they were before the disease and keeping them safe and calm in their own homes.


Helping unemployed Americans

Unemployed Americans need cash. We go to work in return for a paycheck. With unemployment we lose the paycheck.  It's a simple but very painful formula for millions of Americans. 

Breathing correctly is nothing to sneeze at - Particularly in children

Breathing poor quality air from smoky skies causes many health issues, particularly respiratory problems.  It is important to use masks to cover the nose and mouth for protection from smoke as well as protection from COVID-19.  When inhaling, breathing through the nose is much better than breathing through the mouth.  The nasal passage help filters the air.  With mouth breathing, the air is not filtered and warmed as compared to inhaling through the nose.  Mouth breathing can cause a dry scratchy throat and even lung infections, increasing the risk of contracting COVID-19, the flu and/or the pneumonia.