Mission Statement
October 20, 2021
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The mission of The Community Voice is to continuously provide an objective and honest voice for the people of this community, including community leaders and business owners. This periodical serves as the leading source of up-to-date information on how people and events reflect on our community values. The pragmatic articles found in the newspaper are meant for the betterment of our neighborhoods because they allow its readers to seek practical solutions for the problems affecting our community.

What you will not find in this newspaper are standardized AP/UPI news articles, which can be found in any other newspaper or Web site across the globe. The only other place to find news published in our newspaper is on our Web site, which receives over 500,000 hits monthly from over 800 unique visitors per day - and it's still growing.

Because of the strong integrity associated with The Community Voice, it has become valued highly by the residents of Rohnert Park, Cotati and Penngrove.