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I hope this quick note finds you all well and doing fine. Sally Tomatoes has been here at SOMO for the last 15 years and has grown into one of the largest catering companies and event spaces in Sonoma County. You have all played a role in helping me to grow our business and I am grateful. 

We have made several attempts at adding a café to that model and none have been able to take hold, most recently Heirloom Café. 

We have made several attempts at adding a café to that model and none have been able to take hold, most recently Heirloom Café. 

Starting next Tuesday, we will become a full-service Event Center and Catering Company once again and go back to our roots. Having said that I cannot get away from my true passion, that of building community. In the 15 years we have been here we have hosted thousands of community events raising money for all types of groups and organizations while growing our business and we intend TO KEEP THAT GOING!

We are proud to announce our Wednesday Community Night. This will feature homemade soup from my wife Suzanne, delicious homemade pastas, pizzas, and salads. Of course, the bar and the outside Redwood Grove with its two firepits will be in full service! We have several groups that use the space that evening for games, paint nights and dine and donates. Several nonprofits take advantage of our private rooms to host their meetings. All of this will  continue.

COVID has taught us all we need to pivot and refocus and that is what we intend to do.

My sincere ask is that you share this with friends, colleagues, SSU groups and organizations,  PTA and sports groups and others that might benefit from our services and philanthropy.

The café (now the Fireside Room) will become another banquet room to complement our Plaza and Board Rooms. Please let us know how we can assist with banquets, parties, and events. We have indoor spaces to accommodate as few as 25 people and as many as 700. Please let me know if you have questions and, once again, thank you for taking the time to read this and for your support.

Gerard Giudice

Rohnert Park

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