Sugar, it’s the leading addiction world-wide. Whether it’s in that after dinner treat you look forward to at the end of the day, or in the coffee you might be drinking as you read this, it’s in just about everything. Fruit, it has sugar. We call it ‘good’ sugar as it’s natural, but regardless it’s still sugar and too much of anything can lead to more problems down the road. After you have a bowl of cereal in the morning, the carbs endure a process and turn into sugars. The same goes for that piece of bread encompassing your favorite sandwich innards. 

I know it’s not the best habit to develop but it doesn’t hurt to check the nutrition label on the back of your food source every so often. You’d be surprised with the amount of sugar that’s in everyday food items. This includes gum. Not only that, but all of the sugar that you consume and don’t burn, turns into fat. Yes, that's right. Maybe that extra piece of pie wasn’t worth it, and that may be why you're starting to gain weight around your belt area. 

What’s even more unbelievable is how civilians across the world are addicted to sugar. Do you ever go a night without sugar and just wish you had something sweet? That’s called sugar withdrawal. Sugar is a drug if you will. It releases dopamine just as any other drug might, same for when you see your favorite football team make a touchdown. Sugar is quite deadly actually.

Too much sugar intake causes cardiovascular disease, the narrowing of arteries, diabetes, high blood pressure, some cancers, obesity, it’s linked to acne, can increase the risk for depression, can lead to a fatty liver, can cause kidney disease, and also, as I’ve said multiple times, it addictive. It is quite insane how something we are excited to savor on birthdays and during the holidays is actually something that kills. What the heck, man. Who would’ve guessed?

Finally, one of the worst sugars are artificial sugars or alcohol sugars, the little sugar packets provided by restaurants and cafes is an example of such sugars. Some foods and drinks labeled ‘sugar free’ generally have this chemical in it, and that’s what that distinct taste in ‘sugar free’ products come from. 

To simply put it, all the foods and drinks you consume have dirty little secrets that are purposely hidden to bring in the dough. I don’t want to freak you out; I’d just like to bring awareness to the situation. And remember, everything in moderation. Don’t forget that one metaphor we all hear every so often, “You are what you eat.” Email me with any topic ideas at

Savannah Ashley is a local adolescent who has an enthusiasm for: mountain biking, rock climbing, writing, art, science, and animals. One day she hopes to be a forensic scientist. She started writing for the local newspaper to spread ideas and facts that may not have been spread otherwise.

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