The breeding ground of mosquitoes

Mosquito eggs, larvae, and pupae all need water; only the adult is non-aquatic. If you eliminate all sources of still water near your house, you can reduce the number of young mosquitoes that develop into biting adults.

Fix or get rid of any receptacle that holds stagnant water, such as a gutter that doesn’t drain properly or a rain barrel you are no longer using. Also cover any receptacles that hold water permanently, including wells and cisterns.

Remove water that pools in the holes of large tree trunks-a perfect mosquito breeding ground. An alternative is to coat the water’s surface with a small amount of vegetable oil to smother any developing larvae.

Cover rain barrels and other water receptacles with custom lids. Don’t let water sit too long in the saucers under potted plants after rain or watering-adult mosquitoes may lay eggs there and mosquito larvae need only a tablespoon or two of water to grow into adults.

Goldfish can be the perfect allies in the war against mosquitoes. A yard that includes a garden pond stocked with goldfish often has fewer mosquitoes than yards with no water at all, because the pond works as a natural mosquito trap.

Use a fan when sitting on your deck or patio after dark. Mosquitoes are weak fliers and often can’t make it to your skin you are surrounded by fast-moving air.

To keep mosquitoes from biting you, try a mixture of essential oils diluted with baby oil. It is often effective for a short time, although it is not nearly as long last as a repellent that contains chemical DEET.

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