The first meeting in November for the Sebastopol City Council happened on Tuesday. Like always, the council discussed a wide array of topics, but this meeting wasn’t as in depth as the ones they’ve had recently. Much of this meeting was the consent calendar and staff reports. There weren’t any informative meetings or public hearing for this meeting. The consent calendar consisted of quite a few topics, here’s some of the notes from the meeting.

The council discussed awarding a contract for Bodega Avenue digouts and Repair Project

which was done by the City Engineer. Next on the consent calendar was the Approval of second reading and adoption of Ordinance Number 1143 for Municipal Code Amendment Section 5.58 “Coin-Operated Play Devices.” This amendment would remove language that prohibits businesses that offer coin-operated play devices from serving alcohol on premises where minors are present. After that was the approval of two other amendments, one being the approval of City Sponsorship Program which was presented by the Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce for Movie Night. The total request for this project is $1825.00. Second being the approval of Change Order 2 with Piazza Construction and adoption of a resolution amending the Capital Improvement Budget for Fiscal year 2022-23 for First Street Water Main Replacement Project.

There were ten items on the consent calendar in total and here’s the next five. The council discussed approving plans and specifications and authorization to BID SR 116 ADA Ramps-Bodega/Florence/Robinson Pedestrian Improvement Project. They discussed approval of the Service Area Agreement for Sewer Connection at 286 Eddie Lane (Bryan M. Doherty Jr.) and Marilyn Zick and trustees for the Zick and Doherty Family Trust. Approval of revised job description for Police Department and reallocation and recruitment for a police captain was next up. The last two items were approval of free waiver request for $1220 for the Sebastopol Community Church located on 1000 Gravenstein Hwy North and the approval of Letter of Support to Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to authorize the interim director of the Community Development Commission to continue funding the Horizon Shine RV Parking Program through June 30, 2023.

After the consent calendar portion of the meeting, the council moved into the regular agenda portion of the night. The one thing on the regular agenda was a discussion and consideration of a draft ordinance regarding oversight of the City’s acquisition and use of surveillance technology and imposing a ban on certain types of surveillance technology. This was the first long discussion of the night amongst the council.

Finally, the meeting got to the City Manager’s and City Council Reports. Like always, the City Manager and council members reported whatever news they had for the attendees. The next meeting will be on November 15 at 6 p.m. over Zoom once again.

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