Licensing dogs is now modernized, easier and more valuable for residents as Sonoma County Animal Services (SCAS) launches its partnership with DocuPet, a world-leading pet profile, lost pet and licensing platform. Through pet licensing and their complimentary HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service, DocuPet now offers Sonoma County residents an effective pet identification and reunification program that keeps pets out of shelters and returns them home safely. Though pet licensing is mandatory for dogs and voluntary for cats in Sonoma County, many local pet owners have yet to register. With the announcement of this new partnership, DocuPet and SCAS hope to attract community pet owners to the program. Online, residents may browse hundreds of colorful and unique designer tag styles or design their very own tag with an easy-to-use customization tool. Every DocuPet tag comes equipped with the free HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service and may double as a pet’s official license. DocuPet tags are assigned a unique code on the back, which is linked directly to a pet’s secure online profile, making it easy for anyone who finds a lost pet to reference the unique code and create a Found Pet Report in seconds. Pet owners will also be able to create Lost Pet Reports as soon as they realize their pet has gone missing. DocuPet’s dedicated dispatch staff is available 24/7 to reunite lost pets with their families around the clock. “Partnering with DocuPet ensures their innovative platform will be extremely valuable to pet owners and vital for animal safety within the community,” said Michelle Rene, Community Relations Supervisor at SCAS. “This exciting partnership will help decrease the number of animals that end up in our shelters and open essential resources and space for those pets that genuinely need our care. We look forward to residents utilizing this program to help protect their own pets, as well as all pets in Sonoma County.” With a mission to provide a safe and happy home for every pet, DocuPet’s online licensing solution will supply significant resources to SCAS, allowing it to efficiently operate and deliver vital animal services. “We are proud to launch this effective program in Sonoma County in an effort to increase pet identification and reunification services for all residents,” said Grant Goodwin, DocuPet’s CEO. “Pets wearing DocuPet tags spend little to no time in the shelter versus unlicensed pets and for those pets that do need help, license fees aid in keeping the shelter running. We thank Sonoma County Animal Services for coming on board to be an impactful part of the solution.”

To celebrate the launch, DocuPet is offering $5 off any designer tag with promo code SONOMA5. Licensing dogs in Sonoma County is mandatory and licensing cats is voluntary. Pet owners can learn more and register pet licenses online at Licensing by mail and over the phone is also available.

DocuPet provides the most advanced pet licensing program in North America, driving ordinance compliance while reducing municipal costs and providing new value to pet owners. DocuPet launched its first municipal pet licensing program in 2014. Since that time, the company has partnered with more than 100 communities. For more information, please visit

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