With Thanksgiving fast approaching this time of year is usually described as holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s all run together and most schools, businesses tend to either be closed for the holidays or have scaled back hours in some capacity. This is the last meeting for the Cotati City Council before the holiday season starts. It’s not the last meeting of the year but close.

Tuesday was a joint meeting between the Cotati City Council and the successor agency to the former Cotati Community Redevelopment Agency. As always, the council took the time to discuss various topics with those in attendance.

 After the normal introduction the meeting kicked off with discussion on the consent calendar. There were three items on the consent calendar. The first was about police building surveillance camera replacement and update. It was recommended that the council approve by motion a professional services agreement with Vigilare Security Cameras for a total of $29,250. Next up was about the SMART Train grant. It was asked that the council adopt a motion authorizing the mayor to sign a letter supporting SMART’s application for the 2022 transit and Intercity Rail Program to Cloverdale. Last was the second reading of an ordinance to Amend the city’s land use code to facilitate Urban Agriculture.

The next section was the public hearing which included two ordinances about building and housing. First was an introduction and first reading of an ordinance that removes the use permit requirement for multi-family housing projects in the NM and NU residential zoning districts and revises the administrative procedures for appeals by the city council. Second was the adoption of the 2022 California building code.

Finally, the meeting got to the regular agenda, which consisted of four main topics. 

The first topic was a discussion on the City Seal. It was asked that the council read and discuss the City Seal. Next was the city council updated team building proposal. This meant the council discussed the updated scope of work and provide direction to staff. Third was the Equity AD Hoc report and next steps. It was recommended that the council adopt a motion approving the recommended measures from the equity AD HOC, directing the city manager to implement said measures in the general order of priority. Finally, the council awarded a construction contract for the Kotate Park Revitalization Project to Oak Grove Construction.

The last part of the meeting was City Manager Damien O’Bid’s report. Here’s a quick rundown of what he said Tuesday. The sewer project is ongoing, so expect delays as the city aims to get it done by the end of the year. The housing element was submitted last Friday and plan to update the council after the new year. Tree lighting is coming up on December 2 from 4-8 p.m., breakfast with Santa on December 10 which is sold out but can be added to the wait list. Thanksgiving camp is sold out and going well, having winter break camps from the 19-22, 26-29th with extended care. Cotati Farmers Market is hosting an event on December 3 from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Drop and shop is on December 17,  you can drop your kids off and have some free time and finally a Spanish program from ages 5-8.

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