Tuesday’s City Council meeting started much the same way as the other ones, with the council members appearing on Zoom and ready to discuss the issues of the day. These included cannabis, water, and other things.

After the initial announcements, the council moved into the first phase, which was hearing a presentation on the Commercial Cannabis Ordinance revision. This was like the presentation the council listened to a couple weeks ago. It’s related to allowing retailers to have cafe/lounges under the specified conditions, streamlining permitting of Level 2 manufacturing, and other general code cleanup. 

Of course, this ordinance would need to incorporate certain rules in order for it to pass the council. No one under 21 would be allowed in these lounges, among other things.

Next was a presentation regarding a contract with Backflow Testing. The council was asked to adopt a resolution authorizing the city manager to execute a Professional Service Agreement for 1 year term, with four possible one-year renewals, with R.H Sons Water Services for backflow testing services.

A backflow tester was created to filter out the dirty water before people drink it. Cotati residents want to make sure their water is fresh. This presentation was good and had the council debating amongst themselves to decide whether to pass it or not.

The next two items of discussion were public hearings on the multifamily housing streamlining and Mayor and Council Members Association.

A presentation to the council was about holding a public hearing and introduce the ordinance amending Title 17 of Cotati Municipal Code to streamline the review and permitting of certain multifamily housing projects and remove barriers to multifamily housing development.

Since housing is so important to not just the City of Cotati, but for most people nowadays because of how expensive housing costs are, these multifamily projects remain great investments. These projects do wonders towards helping lower income families afford new housing. The council moved forward with this resolution since providing adequate housing is something they have always looked to do.

 Next was a discussion about creating a part time contract Association Clerk for the Mayor’s and Council Members Association, and by motion authorize the city to support the same and direct the city manager to budget for the city’s contribution to the costs. 

The Council went on to support this measure, while City Manager Damian O’Bid spoke a little about it.

Finally, O’Bid gave the council and those in attendance his normal report on the happenings throughout the county. His report is posted on the city website as always, so those who want the specifics can go check on that. 

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