July 9, 2020
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City of RP

Director of Public Safety Tim Mattos
Reflections of 2019 and the new year
January 10, 2020

I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary with the Department of Public Safety for the City of Rohnert Park (and I couldn’t be more delighted). It has been a pleasure getting to know the residents and staff that make up the Friendly City.  

As I reflect on the last 365 days, it has been a busy first year. I’m proud of the work my department has accomplished. We made significant updates to our technology, software, personnel and policies. Fundamental themes included increasing oversight, transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Early in 2019, the department reorganized the command structure within the department to provide additional oversight and management to both the Fire and Police Divisions.  During the restructuring, the department added two Deputy Chiefs and four Lieutenants/Battalion Chiefs. In addition, we added one additional Property/Evidence Technician and a Support Services Manager to the team. The Support Services Manager oversees the Communications Center, Records, Animal Shelter and Property and Evidence Divisions. I’m thrilled to see our new leadership positively influencing the work of their subordinates.

Shortly after my swearing in ceremony, we also began taking a deep look into the department’s current practices, policies and procedures. Some policies required updating due to changes in legislation, while others didn’t accurately reflect advances in technology. I’m proud to report that we reviewed and updated thirteen policies related to the handling of property and evidence. 

Historically, keeping Public Safety staff up-to-date on current law enforcement practices had been a challenge. In order to conquer that challenge, we launched a new department-wide training management system. It ensures that required trainings are completed in compliance with agency and state mandates. 

To learn more about our standards, policies, operating procedures, and training materials, visit (our newly launched)

Upgrades to our technology and software increases accountability in the handling of property and evidence. We introduced a new state-of-the-art evidence tracking software system; the system helps us log and track all evidence. It provides a solid foundation in the management and oversight of property and evidence handling. 

We welcomed our new AXON body cameras in 2019. The new cameras are more advanced than their predecessor because content can be uploaded on the go. It allows our onsite staff to download on-the-field footage shortly after it’s captured. The new cameras increase evidence management, retention, and efficiency.

Other notable software/technology upgrades include the following:

Implemented crime trend analysis software. Tracks crime trends and identifies areas that require additional staff training. 

Deployed Image Trend software. Allows Fire Division to complete patient care reports in the field.

Issued cell phones to aid in evidence management, communication, and training. 

Administered portable radios to enhance communication amongst all Sonoma County agencies. 

Last but not least, we welcomed our Quick Response Vehicle (QRV) to the department. The QRV increases efficiency and decreases response time to medical emergencies. I’m also happy to report that the QRV reduces wear and tear on existing fire apparatus.  

I look forward to another great year with the City of Rohnert Park. I hope to continue to help influence the growth of partnerships between the residents, staff and Public Safety personnel.