August 6, 2020
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City of RP

Director of Public Safety Tim Mattos
Obeying local and state laws concering fire works
July 3, 2020

Fourth of July festivities are right around the corner. We want to keep our community fire safe and remind everyone of our zero tolerance of illegal fireworks  Prior to July, the Public Safety Department works to ensure property owners mow high weeds. We will continue to get weeds knocked down leading up to the 4th of July.

If you participate in Fourth of July celebrations, use the following safety tips:

• Obey local and state laws regarding the sale and use of state approved fireworks. All available officers will be on patrol this year to enforce our $1,000 fine for illegal fireworks.

• Do not use commercial parking lots to light off any fireworks. The use of any fireworks in a commercial lot will result in a fine between $250.00 and $750.00.

• Use common sense by adhering to all warning labels and directions on fireworks products.

• Never let children play with light or handle fireworks.

• Do not consume alcoholic beverages while lighting fireworks as it increases your odds of injury or misuse.

• Light fireworks on stable, hard, flat, surfaces that are 25-40 feet from flammable items and spectators.

• Never put your head or any part of your body over a firework. Never look into a tube to inspect a firework. Never hold a lit firework in your hand.

• Wear eye protection and use long matches when lighting fireworks.

• Don’t attempt to re-light a "dud." If a firework fails to ignite, let stand for at least five minutes, then immerse in water.

• Keep a bucket of water, a water hose and/or a fire extinguisher nearby for emergencies. Always be prepared to respond to a mishap.

• Store fireworks in a cool, dry place and not in a pocket.

• Move animals inside and away from displays of the noise and lights of fireworks often frighten animals.

• Don’t purchase or possess illegal fireworks. They are against the law, unpredictable and dangerous.

Illegal fireworks are identified as anything that explodes, flies, or launches into the air. Stationary devices are generally considered not safe and sane. If you choose to purchase safe and sane fireworks, purchase them from local non-profits to be certain they are legal. If you are in possession of illegal fireworks or they are on your property, you will be fined $1,000. It is important to note that safe and sane fireworks may only be used within city limits on July 2-4. 

Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety is once again utilizing the Nail’em App to aid in the city’s zero tolerance approach. The App is a firework-specific reporting tool for anyone with a mobile device. 

Easily report the possession, sale, and/or use of illegal fireworks in our community along with photos and GPS location. The App is free of charge as a public service through TNT Fireworks. It is available through the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores for both the iPhone and Android platforms. 

Complaints submitted through the App will automatically be routed to the correct law enforcement and/or fire personnel. You can opt-in to receive notifications and stay informed about the status of your complaint.