August 6, 2020
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Mickey Zeldes
Animal themed masks available
July 3, 2020

Have you been shopping on the internet lately?  What are you buying?  Besides toilet paper and hand sanitizers – which are both back in stock in most stores now, what is important to buy right now?  I figured out what the must-have accessory of the season is and I’ve been shopping and buying several of them recently.  Know what I’m talking about?  The one thing (besides the American Express card) that you can’t leave home without?  The one thing that will fit even if you’ve gained the COVID 15 pounds? A face mask!

I’ve been busy shopping for them for a couple of reasons.  Sadly, it doesn’t look like the need for one is going to go away anytime soon.  And working and living with animals, my mask fills up with fur pretty quickly.  I really haven’t been able to wash them as frequently as I should so I decided to buy a few more.  I figure I need at least one for each day, (if not for each outfit! No I’m really not that bad. Yet.) so they get rotated and washed regularly.  And, of course, you need some at work, some in your car (just in case) and some for home (for walks and other unexpected situations).  You notice that you never have a mask handy when you need one!

Second reason is that I’m seeing so many cute animal-themed ones.  I must have clicked on one or two and now my Facebook feed is filled with ads for masks!  We were very lucky in the beginning of the pandemic to have a couple of our talented volunteers sew some basic masks for our staff out of animal print fabric.  But now I’ve ordered one that says “Cover your meowth, I’m not kitten!” from,  one that has a heart and paw in a Mandela print from and a leopard print (I’m a bit addicted to this print if you didn’t know) mask from DayDreamersByJana. I really feel that if I have to wear masks they should show my interests and passions and not just be boring. Even better if buying one also supports an animal non-profit.  One site that has tons of cute animal prints is a fundraiser for Snap Cats, a local rescue for special need cats.  Shopping here is a win-win:

There’s not only the different prints to choose from but also styles.  The first ones we received had the side pleats and elastic for over the ear.  There’s some that tie or snap around the back of the head.  I’ve seen bandanas and scarves that pull up like a turtle neck only go up over the nose.  It would seem those would be really hot since your whole neck is enclosed.  Some have nose wires to mold it and a new one I bought has an extra piece of material to go over the nose.  What is your favorite style?  Have you found one that is comfortable and doesn’t slide down when you talk?  Please share!  I also wonder if everyone is going to have ears that stick out by the end of this pandemic!  Actually my co-worker came in the other day with a headband that had two huge button sewn on it on the sides.  I was curious about it until I saw her hook her mask around the buttons instead of her ears!  Brilliant!  Accessories for your mask!  A whole new business venture.

Please share on our Facebook page if you have found a cute animal-related mask (and where you got it!).  We’re in this for the long haul – might as well have some fun with it!


Mickey Zeldes is the supervisor at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. She can be contacted at