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August 6, 2020
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Your help is needed when we offer generous programs

By: Mickey Zeldes
January 18, 2019

Your help is needed to reach a new audience.  We offer some fabulous and generous programs and services and it’s always surprising to hear that people don’t know about them!  Are you a teacher?  A business owner?  Work for a social agency?  Volunteer with an underserved population?  Have any contacts that do?  The shelter needs your help in getting the word out!

We’ve been offering free cat spays and neuters and low-cost dog surgeries for 10 years now and I think that everyone in the easy-to-reach market already knows that – certainly everyone reading this paper should know since we promote it over and over.  Our flyers (in English and Spanish) are posted around town but I think we need to focus more on our target market – low-income individuals that might need assistance in getting their pets fixed.  Right now is the perfect time, too, since females will start coming into heat in Jan. in preparation for spring kittens.

We need your help to reach these people!  The only criteria for our programs is that they must be Rohnert Park or Cotati (city limits) residents and low-income (we are not trying to take business away from our local veterinarians, just realize that not everyone is in a position to afford what is perceived as an optional surgery on their pet).  Our Fix-it Clinics happen monthly and it would be great to fill them up now to prevent a surplus of kittens this spring.

Another program that everyone should know about is the Animal Shelter League’s “Get Them Back Home” campaign that offers our residents free microchips and personalized pet tags.  This is one way to assure that every lost pet has a way to get returned home should they wander away.   Pets can be brought into the shelter anytime during our regular open hours – Wed. 1-6:30; Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. 1-5:30; Sun. 1-4:30 – for this simple procedure; no appointment is needed.  Microchips are painlessly inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades with a sterile needle and the whole process takes just a couple minutes - filling out the paperwork takes longer!  For people outside our jurisdiction we can still offer microchips for the low cost of just $10 and $5 for a personalized tag.  

So back to how you can help: both flyers are available in English and Spanish.  Do you have someplace you can post it?  Someplace you shop, or think others that might need these services would see it?  Are you connected to a newsletter or social media outlet (church group, special interest group, volunteer organization, housing association, etc.) that might put a plug in about these programs?  Are you part of various Facebook groups where you can post about these offers?  Have other ideas of how we can connect with our target audience?  I would love to hear from you!

Let’s keep our Fix-it Clinics busy with animals that might not otherwise get this procedure done and prevent a surplus of kittens.  And let’s get every pet microchipped so all strays quickly get returned to their families.  Together we can do this!  Thanks for your help.

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“Get Them Back Home” Campaign – Every lost pet should have a way to get back home.  FREE pet ID tag and a back-up microchip are available to all residents of Rohnert Park and Cotati.  No appointment necessary, just come by the shelter during our regular open hours: Wed. 1-6:30; Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. 1-5:30; Sun. 1-4:30.

Fix-it Clinics – Free spay and neuters for cats; and $60 dog surgeries (up to 80 lbs.) for low-income Rohnert Park and Cotati residents.  Call 588-3531 for an appointment. 

Mickey Zeldes is the supervisor at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. She can be contacted at