October 15, 2021
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Years to launch

By: Irene Hilsendager
October 18, 2019

In the early days, was just a diminutive business with a few modems, phone lines and a couple of computers out of a back room in Santa Rosa’s McDonald Ave. neighborhood.

Two Santa Rosa college students had to launch their struggling business to keep up with the rapid growth of internet.

Now 25 years later, Jasper and Doty look back and said they knew enough to ride the massive waves of major technological innovation.

Sonic has survived even though many small internet service providers have left the field of business. Sonic has grown to become the largest independent service provider in Northern Ca.

Sonic promotes competition, online privacy and the concept of net neutrality. Sonic has gone through three major business transformation, but they re-invented the company, learned new skills and changed into a strategic direction. “Sonic is greatly known for its customer service,” says Lincoln Miller. 

In 2014 Sonic began a test project by laying fiber-optic cables in Sebastopol and then moved on to Petaluma.

Lincoln Miller from their office in Santa Rosa says they have laid their fiber optics along the SMART tracks all the way to San Rafael. 

In the last several weeks, if you have driven around Rohnert Park, Sonic trucks are all over the business parks of the city laying more fiber optics and hoping to launch its service for businesses in the city.