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August 6, 2020
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Why nice animals sit

By: Mickey Zeldes
April 5, 2019

I often wonder why some of the nicest animals we have sit here for so long.  Some of it, I’m sure is due to the lag time in posting them on the website and Facebook.  That can be a long process, believe it or not, trying to get a good picture, writing a somewhat creative biography and getting it all posted.  But even with the foot traffic that we get through the shelter there are certain animals that are passed up again and again while their neighbors get adopted.  Some of it has to do with breed prejudice and housing restrictions I’m sure and it makes me sad.  Did you know that two of the breeds we get in most often, Pits and Shepherds, are not covered by several insurance companies; regardless of an individual animal’s temperament, training or history?

It seems like breeds come in waves to the shelter.  We might get in several Jack Russell Terriers for example and then not see one for several months.  Then we might get in poodle-mix after poodle-mix.  Pit bulls and Chihuahua (I think they are the two state dogs!) we always have although the mixes change – first chiweenies, then chugs, then who knows what!  Right now we are experiencing a German shepherd wave.  We had four for quite a while and now that one was finally adopted, we still have three to go.  

Kira, a 2-3-year-old female, is such a nice dog!  She was surrendered to us back in Feb. and came from a family with children. She is very people oriented and loving.  Well-behaved in a house, smart and eager to please.  Shepherds are intelligent and active and they don’t do well with long-term confinement.  They tend to be anxious and really look for a leader that they can depend on.  The fact that Kira is holding it together so well speaks to what a sound dog she really is.  

Beauty is a solid black Shepherd and about 4-5 years old.  She is another active large dog who could benefit from having a job.  We don’t have as much history about Beauty but in our handling of her we have noticed the following: She is a sweet dog, easy to walk, playful and a bit mouthy.  Very smart and trainable.

Easton is a 4-year-old Shepherd mix and has been through several homes already.  That much is known although we don’t have the specifics about any of them.  For a breed that already leans towards anxiety this much instability is not good and Easton is showing some signs of stress.  He is such a loving dog and very much eager to bond with people. He needs a stable home asap!

The shelter also happens to have two of the nicest pit bulls we’ve had in a long time.  Kodak is black though and that seems to be a stigma – he is a doll and absolutely loves belly rubs! At just 1-year-old, this big clown doesn’t know his own strength and for that reason only we caution about placing him with young children.  When he gets excited he runs laps – so he is like a bowling ball and the kids would be the pins!  Moose, is more lab than pit and has the biggest grin!  He is a fun and chill dog.  He is about 4 years old and a beautiful chocolate brown.  Give him a rope or squeaky toy and watch him play!

I would really encourage you to look past the breed and if you are looking for a great K9 companion, come check out these dogs.  They won’t work for everyone but they are pretty nice all around dogs.  Too bad they are lingering in a shelter – Check out their posts on our Facebook page and then help them find a home by sharing!

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