June 23, 2021
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Welcome May

By: Cassandra May Albaugh
May 7, 2021

“The earth is waking at the voice of May, / The new grass brightens by the trodden way, / The woods wave welcome to the sweet spring day, / And the sea is growing summer blue;” was written by Elizabeth Ann Allen. A Freelance writer she was also the editor of Akron/Mentone News in Indiana from 1962-1977. In looking for a quote to welcome us to the month of May, her words struck a chord that seemed appropriate this year. 

Having endured a year or more of the pandemic, it’s not just the end of winter we look forward to this springtime. As the flowers bloom, the skies clear, and the gentle breezes blow; we look forward with hope to resuming our more normal lives. May has many holidays, events, and celebrations to embrace. The website National Today at list 143 of them. Some are well known. Some aren’t. We’ll cover but a few of them.

May 5 is Cinco de Mayo. May 9 is Mother’s Day. This year May 17 is Tax Day. May 31 is Memorial Day. These are well known so I won’t cover them in this article. By the time this is printed a few will have already occurred. Such as May Day and National Loyalty Day on May 1.  Also on May 1 was School Principals’ Day. After all their hard work last year, I hope they were able to enjoy the appreciation on this day. Then too, the teachers. National Teacher Day was on May 4. National Nurses Day was on May 6. Nurses, Teachers and our Principals all deserve our appreciation. 

Others will also be recognized this month. May 7 is National Provider Appreciation Day. Childcare workers are celebrated on this day.  Whether a teacher, nanny, or other essential childcare worker, they act as child-raising partners with parents. On May 12 we appreciate those front office employees we call receptionists. Not just a gatekeeper for the boss, they smile and greet you as you enter the office. Anyone who has worked with a skilled receptionist knows “who runs the office.”  We thank the men and women serving in the military on May 15. This is National Armed Forces Day. It was established by President Harry S. Truman in 1949. And on May 21 we celebrate the men and women who take our orders and bring us our food and beverages on National Waitstaff Day. 

Food celebrations are popular in May too. May 5 saw National Hoagie Day. National Coconut Cream Pie Day falls on May 8.  I’ll skip International Hummus Day in favor of National Fruit Cocktail Day or Apple Pie Day on May 13. If Buttermilk Biscuits are your passion, your day is May 14. Chocolate Chip fans get their turn on May 15. Walnut lovers are next on May 17, followed by Devil’s Food Cake Day on May 19. Ready for a Pizza Party Day? Well, that’s on May 21. Taffy has its day on May 23 and Asparagus on May 24. Love a good brisket or a juicy hamburger? May 28 is your day.  And finally, there’s National Macaroon Day on May 31.

But don’t forget the beverages those waitstaff bring you. Beer Pong Day happened on May 1 and National Beverage Day was celebrated on May 6. National Have a Coke Day falls on May 8 and National Moscato Day follows on May 9. World Whisky Day happens on May 15 and National Mimosa Day on May 16. National Wine Day is celebrated on May 25 and finally Mint Juleps get their day on May 30.

Lots of food and drink! I wonder if there is a connection between National Fitness Day on May 1 followed by International No Diet Day on May 6. Perhaps a reason for National No Pants Day on May 7? And you also have National Eat What You Want Day falling on May 11. I guess having “Learn About Composting Day” on May 29 might make some sense then. 

The month of May is also ALS Awareness, Stroke Awareness, Mental Health Awareness, Cystic Fibrosis Awareness and Skin Cancer Awareness Month too. So whatever cause, celebration, or event you are passionate about this month, remember to enjoy live, be kind, and stay safe.