July 12, 2020
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Transgender day in the square

March 15, 2019

Sun., March 31-at the Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa starting at 1 p.m.-there will be a special event.  That day is Transgender Day of Visibility.  There will be a march and speakers on various Transgender issues, among other things.

How does this relate to our community/district?  Well in our schools there are students either out or struggling with their gender identity and our teachers/administration are a critical factor in their struggles.  I’m aware that recently there was an event in one of our schools to help raise awareness for them.  I applaud them for that effort.  And each of those children-in our schools-have families and friends who are also a critical factor in their struggles.  All of them-our teachers and administrators; our Trans families and their allies and friends; our community can benefit by sharing of resources and finding support required to help us all.

And that was a key factor in my decision to write this post.  It’s great that we’re having a march of inclusion and visibility.  It’s great that we’ll have speakers on topics of concern to our Transgender community in Sonoma County:  Homelessness, the Justice System, right for work or employment, housing, service in the military, mental and health services for our community, education and so on.

But most importantly-we will have various organizations present who will be available to provide information and/or answer questions for students and their families, educators or community members who support their and our transgender questioning youth.  And I think that’s important.  I hope you agree.

If interested, bookmark the date.  If additional information is desired, feel free to reach out to me.  I’m here.  If no objections received-I’ll update the announcement as more is known or closer to the date.

Courtesy of Transgender Day of Visibility