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July 12, 2020
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To be a senior cat during the summer is the pits

By: Mickey Zeldes
August 2, 2019

Woe to the senior cat that finds him/herself in an animal shelter during the summer!  Not only do you have the double whammy of losing your home and your family as well as your routine – and we all know how much cats love routines – but you have to compete with kitten cuteness for the available adoption homes.  Talk about life being unfair!  Here are some of our special golden oldies – they deserve at least to be in the spotlight for a bit.

Dido is first since she is the oldest.  This sweetie was one of several cats that were found abandoned on a property, so we don’t know her whole story.  We’re guessing her to be 13-14 years old and her bloodwork shows she’s still a basically healthy cat.  Hard to imagine this beautiful long-haired Lynx Point mix living outside on her own.  She is very social and affectionate and likes to roll on the floor at your feet and purr.  She deserves better than being forced to survive on her own for her golden years, wouldn’t you agree?

Peapod is about eight years old.  She first came to us as a stray last year and was here several months before getting adopted.  Sadly, she was stressed and anxious and had some litterbox accidents in that home so she was returned.  We started her on some anti-anxiety medication and she has been litterbox perfect here!  She is a basic brown tabby but her sweet and playful personality shines through.

Tiki was half of a duo that was adopted from us over seven years ago as kittens.  Sadly a family member developed allergies and the cats were brought back.  They were adopted again but in the stress of all the moves Tiki also had litterbox accidents and took out her unhappiness by turning on her sister, so back she came.  This pretty short-haired grey girl was perfect in her first home which tells us she really just needs a chance to settle in and adjust.  We have her on some anti-anxiety medication too, to help her deal with the stress of being back in the shelter.  Do you have a quiet home that needs a single lap-cat?  If so, Tiki’s your girl!

Kittens are highly overrated.  You don’t really know what kind of cat you will end up with – whether they will be mellow lap-cats or high energy furballs!  There’s a definite benefit to adopting a feline with some experience under their paws.  Older cats are generally calmer and know the value of a comfy lap.  They appreciate the finer things in life – a full dish of kibble, a soft bed and a ray of sunshine to follow through the house.  We know that ending up in a shelter is super hard on them and to see them greet us each day with a purr and head-butt just breaks our hearts. Senior animals are just $45 to adopt (less than half our full adoption fee) and if you are a senior as well you qualify for the Silver Paws for Love program which covers the adoption fee completely!  So we’re reaching out for some special angels to consider adding one of these golden oldies to your families.  You’ll be rewarded several times over with cat-gratitude!

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Mickey Zeldes is the supervisor at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. She can be contacted at