July 26, 2021
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To Ponder

By: Irene Hilsendager
July 23, 2021

1. What would happen if the sun does not rise tomorrow, and it is all dark around; how will the world look like?

2. Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated with red roses, red dress, red cards and red lipstick? Would it look odd if any other color were used to celebrate the day?

3. Celebrating birthdays is a reminder that we have one less year to live in this world.

4. The irony of life is, just as we celebrate our birthdays every year; we also pass our death date every year, it is just we are not aware of it.

5. Our stomach churns and digests all food in the same way, but then why do we eat food in categories of starters, main course, condiments and desserts?

6. Have you ever tried sleeping with eyes wide open?

7. Can we have a new world only with short men and tall women?

8. Human brains have a rewind and fast forward button, know why? Because we are equally competent to delve into our past and make unlimited plans for the future.

9. How would your handwriting be, if you start writing with the less used hand?

10. Quicksand drowns you slowly. So it should be called slow sand.

11. Twins are like buy one and get one free.

12. Pineapple has a weird name. It neither has a pine nor has an apple.

13. The letter ‘ee’ is silent in the word bee.

14. The guy who invented weekends was an absolute genius.

15. Photographs and images are either square or rectangular, but the camera lens is circular.

16. A lock turns a door into a wall.

17. Smoothies are actually soups made from fruits.

18. Don’t you feel that it is better to live alone than to live with a wrong person who makes you feel unhappy and unworthy every day?

19. Do you know there is somebody, somewhere who is saying your name for the last time?

20. Why does a kangaroo have a pouch to keep a baby and other animals don’t have?