January 20, 2021
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Thriving in the new normal

By: Steven Campbell
April 10, 2020

Change is not coming! It is here! And it is world-wide. And it is right next door.

And we are calling it “The New Normal.”

However, I’m not going to write about the Coronavirus, or Covid-19. Information can be found in any newspaper, magazine, news program, or the Internet. In fact, we are being overwhelmed by information.

I’m writing to you today…about how we can how you…I…can thrive in it. And it is comes…from HOW YOU THINK!  

Let me explain.

As I drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, I am astounded by its size, its structure and the 40 million cars which cross it every year.  However, the Golden Gate Bridge did NOT begin with a plan.  

It began…as all things do…in someone’s mind.

That someone was a journalist in 1869.  His name was James Wilkins and he wrote for the San Francisco Bulletin. He envisioned a suspension bridge that was twice the length of any in existence. Wilkins’ idea was estimated to cost an astounding $100 million; about $2 billion today. So San Francisco’s city engineer, Michael M. O’Shaughnessy came up with the name Golden Gate Bridge and began asking bridge engineers whether they could do it for less.

Engineer and poet Joseph Strauss, a 5-foot tall Cincinnati-born Chicagoan, said he could. Bank of America funded the money and the Golden Gate Bridge was built.

But again…the bridge did not start with a plan. It began in someone’s mind.


Now here is the exciting news! When the Lord created our minds, He lovingly gave them three capabilities to prepare us for the tragedies and challenges we are facing.

Here they are:

Capability Number One: We can change what we are thinking.

William James, the Father of Psychology knew this. My favorite quote is “If you can change your mind, you can change your life.”

And psychology has discovered that we can!

In fact, our feelings do not come from how we are raised, or events in our lives, or Covid-19. My dear friend, they are coming from what we are thinking about Covid-19.More specifically, they are coming from your beliefs about Covid-19.


Is it hard? Our course it is, for we have many of our beliefs for our entire lives. 

But we can change those beliefs. Yes, Covid-19 is something that mankind has never faced before. But things are coming out of the coronavirus which the world has never seen before. 

We…nations and people…are setting aside our differences to find ways to help each other.


Capability number two: Our brains believe what we tell them.

Our brains believe whatever we tell them! So when we say, “This is going to be really hard and insurmountable and awful!” our brains say, “Ok!” and endeavor to convince us that what we are saying is true.

Or….when we say, “This is bringing us together, and cleaning our air, and cleaning our waters, and making us stop, and making us take time for our families and smell the roses.” Our brains say, “Ok” and then actually look for ways we CAN smell the roses!

Wow again!

Capability number three: Our feelings are coming from our beliefs. (Psychology’s greatest discovery)

Our feelings, my dear friend, are not coming from Covid-19; they are coming from what you believing about Covid-19. More specifically, your feelings are coming from what we are saying to ourselves about Covid-19.

In other words, your feelings are coming from your mind.


Wow again!!!!


Steven Campbell is the author of “Making Your Mind Magnificent.” His seminar “Taming Your Mind, Unleashing Your Life” is now available on line at  For more information, call Steven Campbell at 707-480-5507.