October 28, 2021
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The young accordionists pushing bellows

October 1, 2021

The Future Accordion Stars performed on the main stage Sunday, Sept. 25 from 10:25-11 a.m. during the 30th Anniversary of the Cotati Accordion Festival.  Stars: Evan Yuan (16), Luke Stenger (15), Giada Filici (14), Dee Gomes (15), Colin Kennedy (10), Nicholas Plasichuk (14), Joe Matella Jr. (16), and Joey Manfredi (15).  The general feedback from the festival was it was full of joy, more than ever. There seemed to be a huge number of first timers that had a general impression that they couldn’t believe how much fun everyone had. The musicians felt they were in a great place, and they were able to show unbridled happiness just by being on the stage again with an appreciative audience. Scott Goree, the Executive Director of the Cotati Accordion Festival said, “Vendors are already pressing me to set a date for the 2022 festival because they plan on coming back to Cotati to attend the festival again.”

Photo by Tracy Si