July 26, 2021
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The last week of school

By: Savannah Ashley
June 4, 2021

For a good majority of students in Sonoma County, this past week has been the last week of school. But what does that look like, and what should students expect moving forward? I’ll discuss these certain points of interest in the next few paragraphs.

After a long tough year of social distancing, virtual learning, and canceled field trips, students are now given the summer of a lifetime, at least for some. I know for a fact that some students will be going on vacations with families as a good getaway from a year of hard work. Other students might be going to summer school or are assigned lots of reading and writing assignments over the summer. And since Sonoma County isn’t back to its fullest yet, not too many things are opened up, but a good majority of things are. With that being said, students can expect a summer closest to normal we’ve seen since Covid began. 

The last week of school may be a final goodbye to those graduating or promoting, and “see ya next year,” for those moving up a grade. I for one am moving to a totally different school, in a whole other district. And after a year with zero closure, I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad. Of course, I’ll miss those certain few, but I don’t fully know how much those people have changed since the spring break of 2020. Maybe those who were talkative and confident have been dimmed by the ever so fiery light of a pandemic since the lack of human contact. Maybe those who were in the shadows and don't have much to say, are now the most popular kids at the school. Even the kids who went back to in-person don’t know how much the virtual students have changed, since we’re always sitting down, and are muted. 

In the fall, we are expected to have full functional schools like we did pre-Covid but my question is, how functional will schools be, now that it’s almost post-Covid? How can we change the next fall year to be more like the school we knew pre-Covid? Will there be double the new students? Will there be fewer teachers? Will the summer be shorter or longer? That my friend, is something I don’t know either.

This last week of school will be simple, yet inconclusive. Next year it’ll feel like I’ll be re-embracing the seventh grade. Next year, a lot of the students won’t know what to expect, due to the unknown circumstances of tomorrow. Next year, well, who knows what the next school year will bring. 

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