September 17, 2021
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The factor of fear

By: Savannah Ashley
July 16, 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where fear has taken complete control of your body? Making your heart pulse faster than normal, or possibly making it harder to breathe? I’m sure we’ve all gone out of our comfort zone one time or another and felt sudden doubt about our situation. That emotion setting in is caused by your amygdala, a small organ in the midst of your brain. This organ alerts your nervous system which enables the fear response to take place. Hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are then released. How does the fear emotion protect us? 

Fear is a mix of reactions and hormones in your body which take place as a way of protection. It makes us alert and aware of our surroundings. We can detect danger, which helps us better know how to deal with it. Fear is like a sixth sense, it helps us be more cautious in potentially threatening situations. 

Fear is a maladaptive response, which means it has an influence on your every action. If you were to live in fear you’d constantly be living in a non-stop self-perpetuating cycle filled with defeat and frustration. But if you were to face your fears you’d be able to live in peace, with strategies to overcome further fears.

Why is fear so powerful? What makes it such a compelling factor in so many people’s lives, in a good way or not? Well, fear is a natural and primitive human emotion. But it can also get in the way and keep us from progressing. It can shut the possibility of leaving our comfort zones, and that’s why so many people live in fear. 

How can we overcome fear? The people who live in fear don’t always breakthrough. Some would rather not, but those struggling with it, who want to live more freely probably ask this question all the time. First look at the situation, what’s the worst possible outcome? What’s the likelihood of it actually ending up that way? Take deep breathes, go to your happy place. Take a look at how the positive outcome of this situation may be if you choose to go through with it. Talk about it, come up with strategies to diminish the feeling of anxiety. But most of all, push yourself to move forward, it’ll be hard, but to make progress, you have to be the progress.

Next time you’re in a moment of fear, in a more-than-not safe situation, remember the steps above. It’s good to leave your comfort zone, as it’s among the only ways in life to gain experience. Do you have an article idea you’d like to see in the future? If you do, here’s my email:

Savannah Ashley is a local middle schooler who has an enthusiasm for mountain biking, rock climbing, writing, art, science, sports and animals. One day she hopes to be a forensic scientist. She started writing for the local newspaper to spark an interest in the minds of adolescents. She has taken part in 4-H for a total of five years in the past. She knows what loss feels like and she can accept it. You can expect articles that include news and any other information broken down in a way to make parents more comfortable to let their kids read. She hopes for you, and other readers to enjoy what she has to offer, and that you share her articles with those who may be interested. You can contact her at any time with questions or comments at: