July 5, 2020
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Ten years of complementary health care in Sonoma County

January 17, 2020

Ten years of complementary health care in Sonoma County

Songbird Community Healing Center Director Jasmine Gold created a unique environment to help people thrive and grow. Gold challenged the conventional wisdom that 85 percent of small businesses close within the first five years of conception; however last Sat., the center celebrated their ten-year anniversary with a party and an open house. 

The center located at 8299 Redwood Hwy. in Cotati is a made up of community-minded healers and clients that is steadily growing and working with the Songbird practitioners and other professionals to improve their services and better utilize the space to fit the needs of everyone it serves. 

Ascending several flights of stairs and coming upon a large circle of women with each and every one telling a personal story that they have encountered seemed to be a calm and serene place to foster the synerg and services offered by the practitioners of Songbird. 

People are drawn to the center because it offers something that is missing in the busy and isolated society of today. “I enjoy being part of a local community of people providing healing of different kinds and modalities,” says Sue Wilhite a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Business Coach. 

Songbird hosts on-going classes, special events and also helps beginning and part-time practitioners by providing reasonable prices for the event and practitioner rooms. Classes and services help to integrate the body, mind and spirit through healing, education, connection, music, movement and much more. 

As more Americans search for alternative and complementary health options, Songbird Community Healing Center’s new model meets their needs.