August 13, 2020
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Tech elects new student body for year 2019-20

  • The newly elected 2019-2020 Technology High ASB officers were recognized by the Rohnert Park City Council. From left to right are Council member Susan Hollingsworth Adams, Vice Mayor Joseph Callinan, (not in any particular order: Juliet Kaufman, Sarah Cornett, Connor Wilde, Travis Jenkins and not available, Louis Cuneo-Bordessa) City Manager Darrin Jenkins, Council member Pam Stafford, Council Member Jake Mackenzie. Photo by Robert Grant

By: Irene Hilsendager
May 24, 2019

Five newly elected Technology High School students have been elected to be the student body of Tech High School. This board of students will oversee all functions of student life from club formation and functions, to events on and off campus, group purchasing and spending along with student group fundraisers.

Within the Student Government class, the cabinet also works in conjunction with the ASB advisor and the administrators to train student leaders, provides students a voice, unite students, create Tech pride and spirit. They will also promote achievement, offer social opportunities, encourage service learning, honor diversity, communicating with both students and staff and participate in character education while creating connections between Tech High and the community. These highly energetic young students will serve the 2019-2020 school year.

Juliet Kaufman, Director of Public Relations, is responsible for representing all students of Technology High School to the community, promote interests between the community and the school, will also serve as a direct liaison between the students of Tech and the CRPUSD at the school board meetings and represent the best interest of Tech at all community and school-wide functions.

Sarah Cornett, Student Body Secretary, is responsible for preparing and recording minutes of all ASB Council meetings, including weekly financial statements and expenses in conjunction with the treasurer. Also provides copies of minutes from the previous meeting at each meeting of the ASB Council and maintaining a file containing all minutes of the school year. Will provide copies of the minutes to each meeting for the administration, the School Treasurer, the advisor and each member of the ASB Council. And places copies of the minutes from each ASB Council meeting in a designated place for review by members of the student body and assists any other officer or committee in preparing necessary paperwork.

Connor Wilde, Student Body Treasurer, will be accountable keeping record of all monetary transactions and submitting weekly to the Student Body Secretary, which shall be included in the minutes of ASB Council meetings. He must keep a record of all loans and repayments made to other classes, organizations, and individuals. Sarah must assess recommendations for proposed expenditures and submit for approval and prepare requisitions for checks to be issued. Furthermore, he will prepare pre-deposit forms for deposits to be made and oversee and keep a record of all fundraisers conducted by and through ASB.

Louis Cuneo-Bordessa, Student Body Vice President, will be responsible for performing the duties of the president when absent or at request and supervise and coordinate all committees established by the council. He will also be aware of inappropriate or outdated sections in the school’s constitution, propose and accept amendments when necessary. He will also represent the school at School board meetings and is responsible for social media accounts that are made for Tech High by ASB in conjunction with the Director of Public Relations, the ASB Advisor and Tech administration.

Travis Jenkins, Student Body President, will be accountable for calling special meetings of ASB Council or Cabinet when necessary, prepare agendas for ASB meetings and insure all elected and appointed offices function properly. Also he will form any subcommittees that will be for the benefit of the Student Body and ASB Council with the ASB Council approval. Travis will also represent the ASB Council and Student Body in meetings with administration and faculty at public and student body functions or appoint another person to do so accordingly.

Each class has three class representatives, elected by their class and will be responsible for communicating to each respective class any messages declared by the ASB Council or assigned by the ASB cabinet. Will administer any poll or census created by the ASB Council or ASB Cabinet and encourage school spirit in each respective class and report back. They will also gauge and promote interest in ASB sponsored events in each respective class while making announcements if requested by the ASB Council or Cabinet. They will also ensure that the interests of each respective class are properly and equally represented in ASB Council meetings and any ASB business. The reps will also vote to the best of their ability according to the interests of each respective class in ASB Council meetings and together, the Cabinet and Representatives will make up the Executive Board of the ASB and the addition of the members at large (students accepted to and enrolled in the Student Government class) make up the ASB Council.