July 6, 2020
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Tech Titans: A Band of brothers and sisters

  • Titans' Cayden Thompson slides into home for a point as Coyotes catcher Nathan Becker looks for the ball in Technology High's game against Sonoma Academy March 19. The Coyotes took the game 11-1. Photo by Robert Grant

By: Lanny Lowery
March 29, 2019

Everyone loves baseball, and the teammates on the Technology High School Titans team show that in many ways.  These players work hard in practice and play hard in the game.  Each player focuses on every at bat and every pitch and every play in the field.  Whether the team wins or loses by ten runs (each happened in the last two games), the individuals and the team put forth the kind of effort appreciated by its spectators.

The game with Sonoma Academy showed elements of persistence, determination and just plain grit as did the previous one with Anderson Valley.  For some, the bottom line will always be the final score.  The Titans lost to Sonoma Academy 11 to 1 while it defeated Anderson Valley 18 to 6.  The loss, due in part to silent bats as the Titans eked out only two singles, still demonstrated Technology’s desire to field a team that plays solid baseball.

The Titans, playing the whole game with nine starters, missed four teammates due to spring break.  Yet, each of the players offered positive contributions.  Leadoff hitter and shortstop Cayden Thompson, one of four freshmen in the lineup, made solid contact twice, flying out to left field.  He also walked and scored the Titans’ only run sliding hard into home.  

Sam Morrow, as usual, had a solid game behind the plate leading the team’s defense.  While he took a slamming foul ball off of his mask, he connected with the ball three times and was rewarded with a single for his efforts.  

First baseman Sebastiano Piombo, after working a full count, was hit by a pitch for the second game in a row.  He shrugged it off, and later put the ball in play to right field and found that he was safe at first base.  In his last at bat, Piombo again worked the count well but finally popped out.  In the third inning, he took over the pitching chores.

Matt O’Brien, pitcher, hit the ball well but found each of his liners caught.  After he pitched the first and second innings, he moved over to first base.  As a senior, O’Brien presents himself as a leader and a model made up of many underclassmen including nine freshmen.

One of the Titans’ best hitters, Annie Brassfield, who plays a tough third base or catcher if needed, worked both of her counts full and one resulted in a walk.  Brassfield also produced two fouls making the opposing pitcher work harder.

Left Fielder Fabian Garcia worked a walk and hit a solid line drive to third.  Garcia also snared a fly hit by leadoff batter Byron Spers.  His counterpart in right field, Jiselle Uribe, did some heads up backing up infielders.  She also worked a walk in one at bat and a full count in the other.  Centerfielder Andy Campbell made two fine catches in the outfield.

Kayli Worden, second baseman, had a good day at bat with a single and a walk.  She handled a ground ball to end the first inning.

It’s early in the season, but the Titans clearly show what it takes to be a good ball team, even on a losing day.  Every effort, every pitch, every at bat promises something good because each player knows what needs to be done and each player seems to learn from every experience.  Coach Mark Meinhofer recognizes the strength of his team and acknowledges the areas that need work.

If you love baseball, you will enjoy being in the stands.  Titans’ boosters cheer all of the players.  Annie Brassfield, who has her own contingent of followers, must realize that her backers root for every Titan.  Jiselle Uribe’s father and brother expended much energy, especially for their favorite right fielder.  And Sam Morrow’s father cheers everyone, even this old cub reporter.  Join the group; it’s never too late to hop on the baseball bandwagon.