August 10, 2020
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Sweeping up solutions September 7

By: Irene Hilsendager
September 7, 2018

Did you know you may wash and dry berry baskets and place them in your dresser drawer and use them to sort your socks?

Did you know that you can paint bottle caps red or black if you should lose a checker piece?

Did you know an empty prescription bottle makes a very good storage place for your vitamins or aspirin when you travel? Change the label.

Did you know you can make a stamp licker by sticking a piece of sponge in an empty prescription bottle so that it sticks out of the tip and when you need to dampen stamps or an envelope, just moisten the sponge?

Did you know broken broom handles make very sturdy beanpoles?

Did you know that old business cards are just the right size for the label holders on the front of a filing cabinet?

Did you know if you glue two business cards together so that the blank sides face out, you could decorate and use for gift tags.

Did you know that the old used greeting cards are still useful? Keep a stack of them near your phone and use them as scrap paper,

Did you know those old carpet scraps can be useful? Cut them down and line your pet bed, kennel or its travel container.

Did you know you could cut down the carpet scraps and make car mats?

Did you know a piece of carpet scrap is great to put on the bottom of your trunk to protect it from messy tools or spilled groceries?

Did you know you might donate old clothing to local theater groups or school for costumes?

Did you know you might use your old CDs for reflectors? Hang them where you need to see by your driveway such as a tree or fence?

Did you know a clean empty egg carton is a great place for kids to store their treasures?

Did you know you might use old film canisters (does anyone remember them) in the toolbox to store small nails, etc?

Did you know you could make a stamp dispenser out of a film canister? Just cut a narrow slot in the side, put in your roll of stamps and feed the stamps through the slot. Remember to put the cap on so the roll won’t pull out.

Did you know you can slit open a length of old leaky garden hose and put it over the wire handle of a bucket? It will prevent your hand from getting sore.

Did you know we found another good use for pantyhose? If you grow cabbage or broccoli, protect it from insects by cutting the stockings off at the knees and slip the feet for the veggies when they are small. As the veggies grow, the pantyhose will expand and protect the heads from those insects.

Remember, these are just tips. Use at your own discretion.