July 5, 2020
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Sweeping up solutions Oct. 5

By: Irene Hilsendager
October 5, 2018

Did you know you should vacuum your bathroom floor before washing it as the vacuum will get rid of all the dust and hair and make for an easier cleanup?

Did you know you can get a great cleaner, deodorizer and bacteria destroyer when scrubbing your tiled bathroom floor by just mixing about half a cup of mouthwash and two quarts of hot water and clean the tile?

Did you know in order to keep your toothbrush rack clean you should rub it down often with a cloth dampened with distilled white vinegar? 

Did you know you can clean your bathroom mirror by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol?

Did you know one way to help cut down on moisture and a damp smell in your bathroom is to place several chunks of charcoal in a margarine tub and leave it in one or two of the cupboards, but replace every three months or so?

Did you know that an all-round disinfectant recipe is one tablespoon bleach to one-gallon hot water? Do not use in toilets or with a cleaner that contains ammonia?

Did you know a good hard car wax can often be used on furniture? Some people prefer it to oil based polishes that can attract dust.

Did you know that if you have very hard to reach areas in your home to dust, just spray the bristles of a paintbrush with your homemade furniture polish to dust and polish at the same time?

Did you know that if you have pieces like coffee tables that have glass tops, the glass can be cleaned with ordinary distilled white vinegar on a soft, lint free cloth?

Did you know that you can remove candle wax spills from wooden furniture, soften the wax first with your hairdryer set on a medium heat? When it starts to melt the wax, wipe off with a soft cloth or paper towel immediately and continue heating. Once the wax is removed, wipe the area with a mild distilled white vinegar and water solution and polish the surface as usual?

Did you know that most paper and porous labels can be removed by rubbing them with baby oil? Let the oil soak through well and scrape carefully with a plastic spatula or wooden spoon.

Did you know that if your furniture develops small scratches, you can often mask the damage pretty well with a little shoe polish? Blend different colors if necessary to match the color of the wood.

Did you know that you can keep your dog from gnawing at your furniture by wiping the areas down with oil of cloves?