July 5, 2020
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Sweeping up solutions Oct. 12

By: Irene Hilsendager
October 12, 2018

Did you know you should try to keep your wooden furniture out of any direct sunlight for any prolonged period? It has a drying out effect on the furniture surface.

Did you know it is easy to remove pet hair from upholstery? Just rub it off with a rubber dishwashing glove. You will find the fingers are great for accessing awkward areas.

Did you know that when you have washed your slip covers, place them back on the furniture while they are still a little damp.? This way they are more likely to dry to the right shape.

Did you know a great way to stop slip covers from moving around is to use a heavy curtain rod as a weight to hold down the cover? Tuck it under or behind the cushions, out of sight.

Did you know that club soda can often be dabbed onto a spill to prevent it setting?

Did you know you may remove red or white wine spills by sponging immediately with club soda?

Did you know moderate ink stains can sometimes be removed from certain leather by rubbing the area with baking soda? Wipe off with a damp cloth.

Did you know you may clean wicker furniture by rubbing with a stiff brush dipped in warm salt water? Be careful not to wet the wicker too much.

Did you know wicker doesn’t like really cold temperatures, so make sure you bring your wicker furniture inside during the winter months?

Did you know you can remove the musty odor from antique cupboards by rubbing the inside of the cupboard with oil of wintergreen?

Did you know that many furniture experts say it’s usually not a good idea to use silicone polishes on antique surfaces?

Did you know that sofas and chairs that are upholstered should be vacuumed regularly to keep dust and dirt from damaging the fibers?

Did you know you can clean the pages of old books by wiping with a piece of fresh white bread?