July 26, 2021
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Sweeping up solutions

By: Irene Hilsendager
July 23, 2021

1. Did you know you can create a mixture of equal parts corn starch and plaster of Paris that you can sprinkle this around cracks and crevices in your home to control cockroaches? They will eat it and turn into little bug statues.

2. Did you know ginger tea is a traditional cold remedy found in the history of several regions of the United States? Ginger induces sweating, which helps to cool the body during fever.

3. Did you know if your cough is producing mucus, that is a good thing so don’t take any medicines to suppress it?

4. Did you know  you should thaw meat in the refrigerator, not at room temperature?

5. Did you know you should stuff turkeys or roasts just before cooking?

6. Did you know a warm, but not too hot, hot water bottle placed on the abdomen may help ease the pain of cramps?

7. Did you know many North American Indian tribes used peppermint and spearmint as headache remedies because the mints have anti inflammatory properties? Put one ounce of dried mint leaves in a one-quart jar and fill with boiling water.

8. Did you know the couch is not your friend after you eat a meal? People with a full stomach who lie down are asking for trouble. Wait at least an hour before you recline.

9. Did you know nicotine from cigarette smoke irritates the valve between the stomach and the esophagus as well as the stomach lining, so smokers tend to get heartburn more often?

10. Did you know it is best to let yourself get good and sleepy during the day so it will be easier to get to sleep at night?

11. Did you know going to bed and waking at the same time, even on weekends,  is very important? If you can’t sleep one night, get up at your usual time the next morning and don’t take any naps.

12. Did you know to get the smoothest ride, sit in the front seat of a car, an aisle seat over a wing on a plane, a car toward the front on a train or a cabin toward the center of a ship?

13. Did you know ginger is used to comfort all kinds of stomach woes, so try sipping a bit of ginger ale if your stomach is taking its own trip?

14. Did you know overworked muscles hurt because the muscle fibers actually break down?

15. Did you know a cramp is a spasm caused by anything that interferes with the contraction and relaxation of the muscle?

16. Did you know heat is the worst thing for sore muscles because it dilates blood vessels and increases circulation to the area, which in turn leads to swelling and more soreness and stiffness?

17. Did you know if you get a muscle cramp while working or exercising, stop what you are doing? Trying to work through a cramp might cause more damage.

18. Did you know dehydration can cause acute cramps, especially when you are working hard or exercising for an hour or longer when it is hot?

19. Did you know a potassium deficiency can sometimes cause muscle cramps, so try adding potassium rich foods to your plate? These include apricots, avocados, bananas, beans, meat including poultry and fish, potatoes, spinach and tomatoes.

20. Did you know herbs and spices make for a happy stomach? Put ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup and cover with boiling water. Cover and let steep for five minutes, then sip the tea.