July 5, 2020
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Sweeping solution Sept. 14

By: Irene Hilsendager
September 14, 2018

Did you know you may mark your campsite by tying brightly colored helium balloons to a few trees nearby? Your tents and campsite can be easy to find from even far away?

Did you know if you use propane lanterns, you can soak the wick in vinegar for several hours before you use it? This will lengthen the life of the wick?

Did you know that you should always take duct tape with you when you go camping? You can repair rips or holes in tents, air mattresses and even string up food out of the reach of bears. Also tape your pant legs to your boots with the tape to avoid bites from ticks, flies and mosquitoes.

Did you know if it should rain while on your camping trip, melt paraffin wax in a coffee can inside a pot of water on the stove? Remove the can and start to mix in sawdust until you have about 3 parts sawdust to two parts of paraffin. Pour into paper cups and let cool. Then all you need to do is pop them out of the cups and store them in a plastic baggie. They will light up very easily when the times comes to use.

Did you know when you smear petroleum jelly on some cotton balls and keep them in a Ziploc bag these bits of kindling will get your fire going especially if you get into a rain storm.

Did you know when traveling abroad, pack a passport photo and write down your passport number and the date it was issued so if you lose it, you will have all of the information you need to get a new one? Bring your photo and passport information to a nearby US embassy; it will take less time to process your request.

Did you know you should pour a cup of baking soda in your suitcase overnight to get rid of the musty smell and after a few days, vacuum up the soda and the smell will be gone?

Did you know that if you throw a few dryer sheet in your suitcase before you put them away, the sheets will prevent any musty odors while storing your suitcases?

Did you know that while you are on vacation and are afraid your plants are going to dry out, just poke a small hole in the side of a plastic soda or water bottle, fill it with water and place it hole-side-down in the soil next to the plant? The slow drip will keep your plant watered slowly but continuously. No more withered plants when you come home.

Did you know that the perfect time to take your car to a mechanic is when you fly out on a vacation? The mechanic can take all the time he needs to fix any problems and give it a tune-up. Most mechanics don’t mind keeping your car until you get back from your trip so they can get more time to work on it.