August 13, 2020
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Support program delivers items to firefighters

August 9, 2019

Would you like to support your local firefighters when they need it most? If so, check out the Firefighter Go Bag Community Support Program a California based company is offering.’s Community Support Program delivers all of the health, hygiene, and nutritional items that are truly unique to firefighters’ needs, when they’re out fighting fires for days at a time, in one convenient Go Bag. 

When you purchase bags from the program, delivers them directly to the fire departments that need them the next time a large fire happens. The program ensures firefighters get the supplies they need in a complete kit, with no lag time, or trying to piecemeal items together.  

Firefighter Go Bags contain: 

For health and hygiene:

Firewipes: Decontamination wipes to get dangerous chemicals off of firefighters and their gear

Gold Bond Powder: Keeps chafing to a minimum, deodorizes, and relieves itching and burning

Carmex Lip Balm: Relieves dry and chapped lips that the dry heat and smoke from a fire cause

Visine Eye Drops: Keeps the sting away so that firefighters can continue fighting the fire without the burden of struggling to see

Diaper Rash Cream: Chafing and rashes happen when in fire gear, and when it does, diaper rash cream is the perfect ointment to relieve the sting and help the skin irritation heal

Cough Drops: Eases the sore itchy throat being around smoke and debris causes

Sunscreen: When not in full gear, firefighters are often exposed to the sun and need to protect their skin as to not get a sunburn that could be irritating or painful under their gear later

Insect Repellent:  When able to take a break under a tree or a nap in a random place, this keeps the bugs off so firefighters don’t end up with itchy bites that can be irritating under fire gear

Tooth wipes: To freshen up when there aren’t other resources available in the field

For nourishment and energy:

Kind Bars: Provide nourishment and energy between meal breaks

Liquid IV: Electrolyte packets help with hydration

Zipfizz: Provides vitamins, caffeine, and energy in place of coffee or other caffeinated drinks

To find out more or to purchase a Go Bag from the Community Support Program, visit