January 15, 2021
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Students to create a sustainable and equitable future

November 13, 2020

ECO2school launches Green Heart Community Design challenge

 On Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 4 p.m. Daily Act’s ECO2school Program will launch the Green Heart Community Design Challenge for high school students who want to take immediate action on environmental issues facing their communities. 

Calling all high school students - you are agents of change and it’s time your voice, passion and vision help shape your community! The Green Heart Community Design Challenge aims to support youth to take an active role in how their communities are designed and organized. Students will design interventions using the Liberatory Design process which helps students make authentic connections between who they are, who they’re designing with and who they are designing for. 

Through the lens of equity and mindfulness, students will have the opportunity for experiential project-based learning to create design solutions to environmental problems. Students will be guided through evidence-based stress management practices while learning how to address complex issues and engage local decision makers. Students will also be exposed to design approaches including transportation planning and mode shift, urban planning, landscape and garden installation, regenerative agriculture and food security, greywater and rainwater catchment systems, architecture and community beautification through the arts among others. This is a unique opportunity to take the environmental problems we’re facing as a species and help create a portfolio of possibilities for a more positive, hopeful, just, and connected future.

The Green Heart Community Design Challenge will run from November 12, 2020 through April 1, 2021. All content and workshops will be online via Zoom to abide by Sonoma County Public Health and Safety Orders.

 ECO2school is a youth climate leadership program that inspires high school students to take action for immediate greenhouse gas emissions reductions while promoting long-term personal and community environmental action. Daily Acts inspires individuals to reclaim the power of their every daily action to create a regenerative, resilient, and just world. 

 Register for the Green Heart Community Design Challenge here. For more information on the Green Heart Community Design Challenge please contact Kevin Anderson at