October 15, 2021
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State of Rohnert Park Sports

By: Paul Matli
March 12, 2021

Here's proof that positive things have been taking place during the pandemic. The Rancho Cotate football field and track have been redone. The track still needs to be lined but has been resurfaced. The football field has been resurfaced and the rubber granules have been replaced with quark granules and the Cougar paw print on the 50-yard line has been replaced with the Cougar head. The scoreboard will be replaced in the coming months and the announcer's booth, which had been renamed last football season, will also get some love. The girls' lacrosse team has started practicing on the new field along with the football team. The latter will have a scrimmage game on March 13th. The guidelines for resuming play during the pandemic limit sporting events to players, household members of the players, coaches and support personnel for now.

Photo by Robert Grant


For what has seemed like an eternity, the Coronavirus Pandemic has ravaged the world. Later this month it will be almost a year since the first cases started emerging in the United States. Since then business have been shut down, schools have been closed, masks have become the new normal and young, energetic people have been forced to stay isolated.

Every aspect of people’s daily lives have been changed and it remains to be seen how long we will have to live like this. Though life isn’t back to normal yet, there have been some promising signs with the distribution of vaccines and dropping cases. These two things have led to the opening up of sports again. 

Sports is one of the most important aspects of a young person’s life as it gives them a chance to get out of the house, burn off stress, interact with people who aren’t their family and just be kids. Sports, like everything else, has been on a hiatus, so the athletes of Sonoma County haven’t had an opportunity to get together in team settings.

That could be changing however, as sports over the last couple of weeks have started to re-emerge. Sports like cross county, tennis, baseball/softball and football are close to making a comeback, albeit with some restrictions. This includes Rancho Cotate High School, Technology High School and Credo High School.

Rancho Cotate Football gets back to business this Saturday with a scrimmage against El Molino High School. At least for the time being the games will have restrictions as only players, household members, coaches and support people will be allowed to attend. This is done in conjunction with the state and county rules to still strive toward safety.

Rancho Boys Tennis season has also started up with a match last Thursday and another match March 11. Baseball and Softball have started practicing but won’t officially start their respective seasons until April.

As for Technology High School, the schedule is similar to Rancho. Cross Country and Track start their season with away meets, while baseball/softball and tennis will have home meets but don’t start until next month.

Sports being given the right of way is a huge step forward for schools being reopened in the fall. Sports and school are interconnected, so if one’s open the other won’t be far behind. Sports being back, even if it’s in moderation, will give community members some sense of normalcy during these difficult times.

It’s not just high school sports opening either. There’s also little league, softball and youth soccer starting back up. Community members know how big sports is for the City of Cotati and Rohnert Park. Youth sports opening back up is even better for kids, as they have been the ones who have suffered the most during this time and getting out to spend time with their friends and burning off steam is exactly what they need.

It is still unclear how exactly fans will be able to watch the games, how they will be covered, etc. because of the protocols put in place. Since the county is still in purple, restrictions won’t be lifted yet. However, once the county is out of purple the rules could loosen up even more. Regardless, having sports back, even in a limited capacity, is great for everyone involved.