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July 5, 2020
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Sonoma State ranked as one of the best colleges for transfer students

February 8, 2019

According to the U.S. Department of Education, more than one-third of undergraduate students transfer schools at least once during their academic experience. Recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics also show that transfer students, as a group, tend to earn degrees at a higher rate than their peers. Despite these facts, the process of transferring can prove to be quite problematic - except at Sonoma State University.

Money magazine has recently named Sonoma State University as one of the best colleges in the nation for transfer students. Out of a possible 727 colleges and universities, Sonoma State was ranked No. 12 for awarding degrees to students who transfer from community colleges and other universities.

“Sonoma State is proud to be a university of choice for transfer students,” said Provost Lisa Vollendorf. “Our Transfer and Transitions Center has dedicated staff trained to meet the needs of transfer students, and, unlike many institutions, we offer on-campus housing for transfers. Above all else, we are a welcoming and inclusive community focused on serving all of our students with integrity.”

Sonoma State also was ranked by the U.S. News and World Report in September as one of the Top Public Schools in the nation. SSU was also named in August as one of the nation’s Top Schools by Forbes Magazine.

For more information on SSU transfer application requirements and application deadlines, visit Admissions and Records.