October 20, 2021
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Sonoma Clean Power looks for volunteers to fill advisory committee

By: Albert Gregory
July 23, 2021

Sonoma County’s clean energy source provider is looking for local volunteers to serve on its committee that serves as a watchdog for the county’s ratepayers, with one position to be filled in July and the rest by the end of the year, officials said.

Sonoma Clean Power is looking to recruit volunteers for openings on its Community Advisory Committee, providing input on renewable energy projects, customer benefits and help develop the community’s clean energy goals.

SCP asserts to provide cleaner energy  from geothermal, hydroelectric, wind and solar  for homes and businesses through PG&E power lines to Sonoma and Mendocino Counties’ customers. SCP was formed as a response to local residents and businesses requesting a competitive rate from cleaner sources. SCP claims to be utterly self-funded with no shareholders, putting all excess revenue it to keeping stable rates, according to their official website.

PG&E repairs power lines, maintains the grid and provides customers with a consolidated bill for charges from both SCP’s electric generation and PG&E’s electric delivery.

SCP first had a Ratepayer Advisory Committee and a Business Operations Committee but due to difficulty regarding scheduling, combined the two committees to form the Community Advisory Committee in October 2016, according to Kate Kelly, SCP’s director of public relations and marketing. The 10 members of the CAC typically meet once a month to provide input and make recommendations to SCP’s Board of Directors.

SCP is looking for someone to fill one opening in July and five more spots officially open on Jan. 1 of next year. SCP will review applications to fill that first spot immediately. They will then review more applications in October and make recommendations in November for the new committee members to join in December to get introduced to and comfortable with the committee.

Current members of the committee are not guaranteed reappointment and must apply to be considered. 

SCP is looking for applicants with energy or electricity industry experience to assist the board of directors, all who do not share that same level of experience, Kelly said.

“That is a valuable perspective to bring to the committee,” Kelly said. “Where we can round out a good perspective on environmentalism, industry experience, and electricity — that's always very welcome.”

SPC is also looking for candidates with expertise in management, administration, finance, or contracts, in either the public or private sector,  infrastructure development, renewable power generation, power sales and marketing, energy conservation, public policy development, or public relations, according to Kelly.

According to the CAC application, SPC encourages people from “impacted and historically under-resourced communities,” including people of color, women and members of the queer community.

“We're finding that we're not getting a lot of diversity,” Kelly said. “That has never really sat well with us right. We want to make sure that we are truly representative of the communities that we are serving. And we just haven't ever been able to crack that. So, we're working very hard to expand our outreach into other additional communities.”

Since its inception, the committee had been primarily made up of white men, according to Kelly, but they have done a better job recruiting women to the board since.

“When we first started, it was almost all men exclusively. So, we have been successful in recruiting more women, which was also part of our, our, our goal. We have five women on the committee now of 10 people. So, we're doing better there. I know now we're looking at expanding some additional diversity; we're making progress, but we're not giving up,” Kelly said.

Applications are available on its website Those interested can print and mail the application to Beau Anderson at the Administrative service office at P.O. Box 1030 in Santa Rosa or email it to