September 26, 2021
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Some strange new laws

January 10, 2020

Cannabis cannot be consumed while riding on a bus, taxis, pedicabs, limousines or campers.

Voters can register on Election Day at all polling places. They can also change their party registration at the polls to allow them to cast ballots in a partisan primary election.

School districts cannot reject to give meals to students if they have an unpaid lunchroom balance.

You can no longer sell alligator or crocodile merchandise in the state of California.

California will probably not allow oil drilling and will prohibit pipelines crossing state-owned land.

In the state of Ca. rent increases will be capped at five percent annually, plus inflation. It also will prohibit landlords from evicting tenants without state a cause.

The state will review the decisions of doctors who provide five or more medical exemptions from childhood vaccine requirements.

Thousands of independent contractors could become regular employees-or they might find themselves out of a job. Truckers and freelance writers are challenging the law in federal court.

California’s minimum wage steps up to $13 an hour for employers with 26 employees or more and up to $12 an hour for smaller employers. 

A new law authorizes the state Fish and Game Commission to start a pilot project allowing people to collect roadkill animals for human consumption.

How many of these new ordinances will be remembered after three months?