October 16, 2021
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Software engineer sentenced for Bodega Bay assaults

February 19, 2021

 Defendant Betai Koffi, 33 years old of Southern California, was sentenced Thursday by the Honorable Christopher Honigsberg to serve three years on felony probation and spend 12 months in county jail after pleading “no contest” to multiple felony counts of assault for a string of crimes that he committed while under the influence of LSD in Bodega Bay on July 4, 2019. 

Koffi and a group of friends rented a home in Bodega Bay for the 4th of July weekend in 2019 and after ingesting at least two doses of LSD, left the home in the late afternoon to wander a nearby residential community. There, he was confronted by a security guard who had responded to multiple complaints made by other residents about Koffi. According to a law enforcement investigation, Koffi appeared agitated and attacked the security guard with a lawn lamp. After striking the security guard with the lamp, Koffi stole the guard’s nearby pickup truck and sped away. While driving down the road, Koffi encountered two couples walking across the street to watch the sunset. Koffi aimed his vehicle directly at the first couple, striking the woman. Koffi then aimed the truck at the second couple. Fortunately, they narrowly escaped injury by jumping out of the way of the vehicle’s path. Koffi continued down the road, exited his vehicle, and was confronted by a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy. The deputy directed Koffi to walk away from the vehicle, but Koffi accelerated directly at the deputy. The deputy fired multiple rounds from his firearm at Koffi, as the vehicle collided head-on with an assisting CHP officer’s SUV. Koffi was struck by several rounds, including in the face and head, and was air-evacuated to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital to be treated for his injuries. 

During the sentencing hearing, Judge Honigsberg noted how “tragic” the case was for everyone involved. Koffi attended the hearing in a wheelchair and remains physically disabled as a result of his injuries. When interviewed by the probation department prior to the hearing, Koffi explained that he felt “terrible” for the entire range of his actions, including putting the deputy in the position where deadly force was necessary. The judge found Koffi to be “very sincere” and “extremely remorseful” for what happened.” 

The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Matthew Henning, and the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office headed the investigation.