October 28, 2021
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Soccer Federation completes mural

  • Full size soccer ball court for the girls

By: Paul Matli
September 17, 2021

Geoff Gouveia has done murals for Adidas, Coca Cola, EA Sports, and Los Angeles Galaxy FC. So, what would a successful muralist like him be doing in a little-known city called Rohnert Park painting on a small outdoor soccer court? It all stems from his relationship with Nick Rogers, Head Coach of Rancho Cotate Soccer and one of the founders of the local Teqball league in Sonoma County, as well as street soccer.

Kevin McKeon, who is a part of Rogers’ Teqball crew, said Rogers and Gouveia have known each other for quite some time and their meeting was just random.

“Nick already knew about Geoff, because he does a lot of work for the soccer community,” McKeon said, “his work in FIFA Street, which is the video game, and has also done work for LA FC, so we noticed him through the soccer world and Nick ran into Geoff at LAX just randomly and recognized him and just started talking to him. It was “Hey,” we have this court coming, we want you to do a project and Geoff said sure let me know.”

Sometimes it’s just meant to be for certain things to happen. In this case, it was meant to be for the street soccer court to have a mural. McKeon expects Fridays to be popping even more now than they already have because of this new design.

“It’s going to be amazing once this is finally finished,” McKeon said.” From the start to finish, American Pawna Championship was able to come out now every Friday and get people here before the space was redone. I’m grateful for Nick and Daniel for all the work they did with getting kids out here. When we do it this Friday, I expect to see tons of people.”

This project has been in the works for more than two years. Rogers and Gouveia have been talking about this project since 2019, but finally got around to it this year. Obviously Covid played a role in the delay, but regardless, Gouveia has been looking forward to collaborating with Rogers for a while.

“Nick and I had been mutually following each other on Instagram and when we met up at LAX, he mentioned he had a project,” Gouveia explained. “When Nick asked, I immediately jumped at the idea because it sounded rad and something I would want to be a part of. Because I have a vision for courts like these all over the nation that have really cool imagery on them as opposed to just the traditional lines.”

Painting on soccer courts is something Gouevia loves to do. He said the biggest reason he started painting was for the challenge. 

 “I would start painting when I saw pieces that were really large, I like the idea of a challenge.” Gouevia said. “Painting was more an exterior thing, than interior thing. Painting on courts like these is the culmination of my whole desire in the beginning.”

Soccer courts are very large, so it suits Gouevia’s skill set and creative gene. The specific image on the court is a male and female. The theme behind it, according to McKeon, is that soccer is a gender-neutral sport. Girls can play just like boys can and when you’re on that court it’s not about gender because you can be whoever you want to be with a ball at your foot.

 ‘The theme was football is female,” Gouevia. “We wanted to showcase female ballers playing the game. I wanted to explore what I see in the future and challenge those rigid lines that we have now.”