September 18, 2020
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Smoke and stress maintenance and recovery

By: Dawn Dolan
December 14, 2018

We have all been so relieved to feel the rain coming to clear the air and dampen the fires. Those of us in Sonoma County are still all too aware of the physical, emotional and economic devastation that last year’s fires brought to our community. Many are in the process of rebuilding their home, many have simply moved out of the area and many are still undecided as to how to proceed. The trauma has affected us all in one way or another. We feel for our neighbors in Butte County and in Southern California.

With the Camp Fire moving towards containment, we are all breathing a sigh of relief both for those in the Butte County area and for ourselves and our air quality. Hopefully, by the time this article is in print, it will be out. There has been much discussion about the particulates and chemicals in the air we have been exposed to again this month. The major concern is heavy metals, lead, mercury, dioxin, arsenic and other carcinogens. The rain is taking many of these out of the air and into our soil and water supply. A bit of awareness here may avoid some future health problems.

It seems that all of the air filters in stores in Sonoma County have been bought up and are in use in people’s homes and businesses – great choice. Many masks for filtering the air that we breathe when outside have been in use. Drinking rainwater at this point is definitely not a good choice.

Ongoing, there are many foods that we can add to our daily diet that will help our bodies to clear toxins. It may take months to clear our bodies of the accumulated particulates and toxins. Eating parsley and cilantro are traditional ways to clean and purify the blood. Most green leafy vegetables have chlorophyll that will assist this process as well. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach and Brussel sprouts will help our liver breakdown and expel toxins in the body. Many recipes can be found to transform even those foods that you rarely if ever eat into something tasty, desirable and health promoting.