August 6, 2020
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Rohnert Park and Petaluma Health Center merge with Coastal Health Alliance, Inc.

July 10, 2020

On July 1, Petaluma Health Center, Inc. (PHC) – which operates seven health clinic sites in Sonoma County, including the Rohnert Park Health Center – merged with Coastal Health Alliance, Inc. (CHA), which operates three clinic sites in Point Reyes and Bolinas in West Marin. 

“The timing of the merger reaffirms our commitment to ensuring everybody has access to high-quality care. Especially as we -- as a community, state, and country – must work to eliminate inequities in health care access for those living in rural areas, and particularly for essential workers, such as farmworkers,” said Pedro Toledo, Chief Administrative Officer at Petaluma Health Center

Latinos alone represent 16 percent of Marin’s population and almost 19 percent of the workforce. With those numbers rising every year, it is critical that we provide high-quality health care to the labor backbone of Marin – farmworkers and essential workers – as well as residents in more rural areas. The merger will increase access to care, improve quality of care, and build upon a strong and trusted relationship that was been forged over the years between patients, the community, and the two health centers. 

As politicians, organizations, businesses and individuals navigate this critical period where social justice, diversity and equity are part of our daily conversations and life, it is imperative that we invest in healthcare access, especially at a time when COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted our most vulnerable. Every single person in our communities deserves to be healthy and thrive. We are committed to building healthier communities in Sonoma and Marin County through our thoughtful, mission-driven, and talented providers and our dedicated leadership and staff at PHC.  

Merger conversations began over a year ago to ensure due diligence, with each health center’s respective Board of Directors voting in favor of the merger in December 2019. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, the expanded Petaluma Health Center’s Board of Directors will be comprised of directors from both organizations. The health center organizations have worked closely together to ensure a smooth process and transition for employees and patients alike. 

Petaluma Health Center will, as of July 1, provide high-quality preventive care to almost 50,000 unduplicated patients through an estimated 243,000 health care visits in Sonoma and Marin County across its 10 health care delivery sites, including a mobile health clinic, with an annual operating budget of $56 million and a staff of 487 employees. 

To minimize any impact to patient care and to make this transition as seamless as possible, the merger will not impact patients’ current health care providers – the same doctor they trusted and relied on in the past will continue to be there for them July 1 and on for both PHC and CHA patients.