October 15, 2021
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Rohnert Park City Council Candidates

  • Susan Hollingsworth Adams

  • Jackie Elward

  • Gerard Guidice

  • Pam Stafford

By: Irene Hilsendager
October 26, 2018

Susan Hollingsworth Adams

My name is Susan Hollingsworth Adams and I am running for Rohnert Park City Council.  With 30 years of community service experience I’ll ensure we keep our community safe, create an environment that attracts good-paying jobs, invest in neighborhood parks and streets, support a new downtown for Rohnert Park and enhance our quality of life.

 My parents, Art and Sandy Hollingsworth, moved our family to Rohnert Park in 1961 when I was a small child. I’ve witnessed the evolution of this small farming town into the “Friendly City” we know today. I graduated from Rancho Cotate High School and received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Brigham Young University. My husband and I love Rohnert Park and are raising our family here. 

 As a director of operations in the financial services industry I’ve been blessed to be part of and give back to the community that has provided me with so much.  I have a proven record and the diverse experience needed to lead Rohnert Park in the years ahead and address our most pressing issues.

 As the Chairwoman of the Rohnert Park Planning Commission and as its longest-serving member, I have been deeply involved in efforts to construct a vibrant downtown for Rohnert Park while supporting more of the housing we need, from multi-family apartments and condominiums to single-family homes.

 As a mother of three, two of whom currently attend Rohnert Park schools and as the former Chair of the Committee to Protect Cotati-Rohnert Park Schools, I’ll work with parents and educators to continue providing our children with a quality education that prepares them for college or a career.

 If you’d like to learn more about my candidacy, please visit my website:, or call me at (707) 291-8450.  Thank you, Susan




Jackie Elward

Running for city council is something I have wanted to do for some time now. I am someone who likes to get involved in my community wherever I am. As a women of color, an immigrant, a student, a mother, etc. I believe that I can see things from a perspective that others on the council may not be able to see from. The city council needs diversity. Also I’m the only person running who is not a business owner. With endorsements by four different labor organizations I will be the voice of labor in our city. I also want to make sure that we as a city pay attention to those on our margins.

My top three priorities I shared at the Voter’s Edge site are:

• Making sure that affordable housing is available for those who work in our community, our teachers and our students. Enforce laws against price gouging in our city.

• Foster better communication between the Public Safety Department and the community while ensuring that our city is safe from natural disasters and crime.

• With the growth of our city making sure that we have new jobs that pay a living wage to their employees. Raise the standard of living for our workers here.

As important as I consider the downtown to be it’s not a top priority because it’s already on the agenda and is going to happen regardless of who is elected.

My origins are in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. My husband and I met in the Congo and I have now been here for the past 15 years. I am a mother of three with my youngest in elementary and my oldest in high school. Currently I run a non-profit for street kids in my country of origin.



Gerard Guidice

Hello Rohnert Park!

I have been asked to explain my platform by The Community Voice and I appreciate the opportunity and the responsibility this paper accepts in our town. I have been building community by using my profession as an opportunity to serve for the past 18 years. Through my family business Sally Tomatoes and with my business partner Bill Pettibone we have discovered a beautiful community. We have been blessed to be able to give back.

Since announcing our campaign six months ago and launching on July 1, 2018 we have had dozens of community meetings, engaging the residents to take action in their community. By listening we have started conversations on topics that were previously not being discussed. Homelessness, our creek system, public safety, our relationship with SSU and the Latino population in our town. These were the topics the residents wanted to discuss, the platform of our community and my platform! I can say, without hesitation, that Rohnert Park is a vibrant and caring community. I am humbled to serve. Leadership is not about getting others to believe in you, it is getting others to believe in themselves and I believe in the people of Rohnert Park. In my estimation a City Council Member does four things:

  1. Vision
  2. Policy
  3. Leadership
  4. Oversight

All of this while keeping in mind what is in the best interest of the people of Rohnert Park, not outside interests. Our campaign has been grassroots and local. Our team of Jeff Thomas, Shari Lorenz, Jennifer Dawes, Roger Farah and Toni Sprouse are local. As we move forward to build a downtown, housing for our people and new communities and economic development lets include everyone. It’s a new day, let’s embrace it together!



Pam Stafford

As your Mayor, I have worked hard to ensure Rohnert Park is moving toward an ever-brighter future by creating opportunities for our families, residents and businesses to thrive.

We are creating job opportunities for residents and strengthening our local economy with a concerted effort to encourage new businesses.

A downtown for Rohnert Park is becoming a reality.  We have a unique opportunity to build something that our community has asked for and is excited about.

Through prudent fiscal management and strong leadership, this year we passed a balanced budget for the fifth straight year, which adds to our reserve fund, pays down our unfunded liabilities, preserves essential services and keeps our city safe with strong Public Safety services.  I've also been a strong advocate for the protection of our water resources as a Director of the Russian River Watershed Association and the Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Sustainability Agency.   My service to Rohnert Park as Mayor, Councilmember, Planning Commissioner and 42-year resident has provided me with the knowledge and experience needed to continue strengthening our community into the future. I will continue to fight for your interests.