August 13, 2020
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Residents give high marks to Cotati living

March 8, 2019

Recent public opinion research conducted in Jan. 2019 by the independent research firm of Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates show Cotati residents are satisfied with life in the city. Eighty-seven percent – or more than 4 in 5 – of respondents rate the city as a “good” or “excellent” place to live.

Over two-thirds broadly approve of the job the Cotati Police, Public Works and Recreation Departments are doing and nearly all respondents said they feel safe in Cotati, with three in five saying they feel “very safe.” Additionally, up to 90 percent expressed satisfaction with the overall level of service they received from the city across all departments. 

Our residents see the cost of housing as a top concern, with up to 67 percent saying it’s an extremely or very serious problem.  Other top concerns are congestion on local highways 36 percent, congestion on local roads 26 percent and potholes and maintenance of local roads 26 percent.  Dissatisfaction levels with road maintenance is down by ten percentage points from the last community survey conducted in 2013, as the city council continues to invest heavily in road maintenance and repairs. 

“This community input is invaluable and appreciated. Clearly, the community values the essential services the city provides and we want to continue to provide the excellent services our community deserves while maintaining fiscal stability and quality of life,” said Mayor John Dell’Osso. “We will continue to gather feedback from residents about their priorities for the city as we plan for the future,” Dell’Osso concluded.