September 26, 2021
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Rep. Thompson speaks at SSU on climate change

  • Congressman Mike Thompson with panel members Kaiser Dr. Joshua Weil, Kate Roney from Sonoma Academy, Jose Javier Hernandez Ayala from SSU and Dr. Ann Thrupp. Photo by Robert Grant

By: Irene Hilsendager
August 30, 2019

Between 350 and 400 people were in the audience to hear Rep. Mike Thompson speak on the ever subject of global warming and climate change. 

Thompson says that climate change is the most important issue facing us as a group of people. We have a lot of other problems that we need to work on, but if we don’t get this one right, nothing else will matter. We have no world to pass onto our future generations, so continued the 20-year house veteran and local environment advocate on the efforts in Washington, D.C.

Thompson who was an early co-sponsor of the Green New Deal legislation along with a panel of experts were each emphasizing a need to move rather quickly to make necessary changes at the different levels to prevent a much greater harm to our planet.

A seventeen-year-old high school senior said that we need help from the older generations as really this is something that we must do to work together.

Panelists sitting on the stage with Rep. Thompson also answered many questions being thrown at them by the large audience, and also included Dr. Joshua Weil from Kaiser’s Emergency Dept.

SSU President Judy Sakaki opened up the session and spoke how the SoPomo Indians from the Rancheria were concerned about the climate leadership at SSU and how the carbon footprint can be reduced. Another growing concern was how the county would be able to get signals out to the residents if there should be another fire. Sakaki said a camera had been placed on top of the Fairfield Osborn Observatory not too long ago and a promise from SSU that they will be involved in the climate change until 2045.